Top 10 Process Defects and Prevention Measures for Aluminum Die Castings making molds for casting aluminum

by:Hanway     2018-10-16

Keywords: aluminum die casting 

Article content: HC surface treatment network news: one. Flow marks and patterns Appearance inspection: There are stripes on the surface of the casting that are consistent with the flow direction of the molten metal. There is a visible non-directional texture that is different from the color of the metal matrix, and there is no development trend. 1. The causes of flow marks are as follows: (1) The mold temperature is too low. (2) Poor design of the runner and poor position of the gate. (3) The material temperature is too low. (4) The filling speed is low and the filling time is short. (5) The pouring system is unreasonable. (6) Poor exhaust. (7) The spray is unreasonable. 2. The reason for the pattern is that the coating in the cavity is too much or the quality of the coating is poor. The solution and prevention methods are as follows: (1) Adjust the cross-sectional area or position of the gate. (2) Increase the mold temperature. (3) Adjust the speed and pressure of the gate. (4) Appropriate selection of coatings and adjustment of dosage. two. Reticulated wing (tort crack) Appearance inspection: There are traces of protrusions or depressions on the surface of the die-casting part, which are continuously enlarged and extended as the number of times of die-casting increases. The reasons are as follows: (1) There is a crack on the surface of the die-cast cavity. (2) The pre-heating of the die-casting mold is uneven. The solution to and prevention is: (1) After the die-casting mold is to be periodically or die-casted for a certain number of times, it shall be annealed to eliminate the stress in the cavity. (2) If a crack has appeared on the surface of the cavity, the surface should be ground and the crack layer removed. (3) The mold should be preheated evenly. Editor in charge: Zheng Bijia
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