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Guangzhou futures: aluminum prices remain high

Guangzhou futures: aluminum prices remain high


The Federal Reserve decided to maintain the interest rate unchanged in March, the economic data in Europe and the United States are strong, the interest rate cut window is expected to appear in the second half of the year, and the domestic policy to stimulate consumption continues to release positive signals. According to the news, Yunnan electrolytic aluminum production capacity to recover 85%, the supply side is still expected to resume production, electrolytic aluminum profits continue to increase with the rise in aluminum prices, smelting end production enthusiasm to maintain, downstream demand into the gold, three silver four peak season, some industries reflect the market fear of high aluminum prices downstream orders reduced, at present in the demand for false vacuum period, aluminum rod inventory continues to go to the warehouse, the domestic social bank turned into the warehouse. Send positive signals. Macro sentiment is more mainly, limited changes in the supply side to maintain high production, demand is expected to improve under the peak season, social storage to storage, price test 19700-20000, is expected to maintain high prices in the short term.

(Managing Editor: Ying Ying)