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Binzhou: Support the development of recycled aluminum industry

Binzhou: Support the development of recycled aluminum industry


On April 15, the symposium on the high-quality development of Binzhou aluminum industry was held. The meeting was presided over by Lei Can, a member of the Party group and deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the relevant county (city, district) Bureau of industry and Information Technology, the economic development Bureau of the municipal development zone and the chief of the business section, and the person in charge of the key alumina and recycled aluminum enterprises attended the meeting.

Relevant counties (cities and districts) exchanged speeches on the development status of red mud comprehensive utilization and recycled aluminum industry, existing problems and ideas for the next step; Key enterprises around the comprehensive utilization of red mud and recycled aluminum industry advanced technology, advanced projects, the next development direction to make a typical statement.

The meeting stressed that, first, continue to strengthen the comprehensive utilization of red mud, and the relevant counties and cities and enterprises should dare to "push hard" and sort out the methods and paths of comprehensive utilization; Enterprises should give play to their own resources and technological advantages, increase cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions, and constantly seek "breakthroughs" for comprehensive utilization, and plan projects as soon as possible. The county and urban areas should form an overall plan for the utilization of red mud and serve the comprehensive utilization projects of red mud well. Second, to support the development of the recycled aluminum industry, relevant counties and urban areas should focus on this year's key recycled aluminum projects, do a good job of tracking services, and accelerate the project to put into operation and achieve efficiency; It is necessary to give play to the leading role of Weiqiao, innovation and other leading enterprises, and encourage recycled aluminum enterprises to participate in various exchanges, training and other activities to promote the integration of recycled aluminum enterprises and seek common development.

In the next step, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology will continue to polish the green development background, deeply implement the provincial and municipal requirements for ecological protection and high-quality development deployment in the Yellow River Basin, continuously improve the comprehensive utilization level of industrial resources, focus on the comprehensive utilization of red mud and the development of recycled aluminum industry, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the city's aluminum industry to intelligent, green and high-end. Make every effort to build a more competitive industrial cluster and inject stronger impetus into the high-quality development of the city's industrial economy