Piles of waste aluminum resources become recycled aluminum die-casting parts

by:Hanway     2018-10-23

Keywords: aluminum die casting 

Article content: On January 6, at the Jinli City Minerals Co., Ltd. plant in Fengxin County, through the sorting, smelting, pouring and other processes, the piles of waste aluminum resources became recycled aluminum die-casting parts, and the high-speed rail was produced after finishing. , automotive, medical devices and power tools to achieve efficient and environmentally friendly recycling of aluminum resources. The company adopts the regenerative rare earth method instead of the traditional process of heavy oil combustion, which not only saves 30%, but also recovers 97% of aluminum resources, which is 5 percentage points higher than the industry average. The company also cooperates with Nanchang University, Nanchang Aerospace College and Toyota Motor to develop high-tech aluminum alloy materials, which are widely used in automobile manufacturing, communication equipment, electronic appliances and other industries. It is a well-known domestic supplier of Qianjiang Motorcycle and Jiangling Motors. Sold to Europe, America, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. The company currently produces 50,000 tons of recycled aluminum alloy ingots and 5 million pieces of recycled aluminum die-casting parts. The annual output value can reach 1 billion yuan and the tax revenue is 30 million yuan. 
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