Looking For a Non-Toxic Cleaner Degreaser? Here

by:Hanway     2020-04-03
If your company's line of work involves regular degreasing, then using a non-toxic cleaner degreaser can have significant benefits. For one, a non-toxic cleaner degreaser reduces the risk of chronic illness in workers from toxic exposure, which in turn reduces the risk of expensive workplace lawsuits. For another, switching to a biodegradable degreaser can reduce chemical waste disposal fees. A third benefit of using non-toxic industrial cleaner is that the solution won't be banned or regulated by the EPA. If you've studied the benefits replacing toxic cleaners with non-toxic cleaners, then the benefits mentioned above may sound familiar. However, the cleaners that you should choose to realize those benefits may still be a mystery. Though touting green practices, many green information sources leave companies to investigate what products or services they should buy to become greener. In this article, we list three options for replacing your current cleaner degreasers with degreasers that help your company realize the benefits mentioned above. General Degreasing: VORTEX Citrus Cleaner and Heavy Duty Degreaser Every company that has degreasing needs should have a general degreaser in its arsenal. And for companies that need to reduce waste disposal fees, VORTEX is increasingly becoming that degreaser. Fully biodegradable and containing no hazardous materials or listed solvents, VORTEX can be sprayed, wiped, or brushed onto surfaces to remove grease, tar, oil, asphalt and organic resins. If you have tough degreasing jobs, VORTEX offers one-step degreasing without the presence of toxic chemicals, and can be incinerated or land filled according to EPA regulations. Parts Degreasing: NEW II Environmentally Preferred Parts Cleaner NEW II contains no hazardous ingredients as defined by the EPA. But it also has a host of other benefits, including: no scent, no water, fully evaporative, no residue, and conformance to numerous test corrosion requirements. Designed for drum mounted parts washers and immersion tanks but not for high-pressure enclosed cabinets, NEW II can also be sprayed on surfaces containing grease, oil, dirt and carbon for no touch cleaning, with the residues dripping away and leaving parts clean. NEW II is popular selection among companies that use Edge Tek filtration parts washing systems. Dielectric Degreasing: POSITRON Ultra High Purity Dielectric Solvent For dielectric degreasing, the faster a degreaser dries and the less residue it leaves behind, the better. Formulated for more aggression than other dielectric solvents and producing ultra-low residue, POSITRON offers both qualities. POSITRON also contains no harmful fumes; offers a faster dry time than other dielectric solvents; and has a high dielectric strength of 48,000 volts under ASTM D-877 test procedures. POSITRON can be sprayed onto surfaces for no touch cleaning, causing oil, grease, dirt and carbon to drip away.
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