How Does The 2008 Chrysler Crossfire Do So Much

by:Hanway     2020-04-19
The answer is to be found in its heritage as a product of the short-lived Daimler Chrysler venture - or, in more familiar language, the Crossfire is a Mercedes with a Chrysler nameplate. In fact, the very name of this car, which was first revealed in 2001 as a concept car, represents the crossing of forces between Chrysler and Daimler-Benz. While the cooperation between the two automotive giants did not last, it did leave behind an interesting souvenir that remains in great demand, namely, the 2008 Crossfire. This sporty little two-seater was manufactured by Karmann in Germany and exported to the US under the Chrysler name. Today, it retains a respectable part of its original value and a loyal and growing fan club as a used vehicle. It was made in both hard-top and convertible versions, and both versions of the automobile remain available on the resale market in respectable, albeit limited, quantities. Its standard engine is a high-performance 18-valve 3.2-liter V6 that delivers 215 horsepower, and this engine is the only power plant available for the 2008 model of the Crossfire. However, there really is no need for a more powerful engine, or a more efficient one, as this engine delivers 229 ft-lbs of torque and fuel mileage of 15 mpg/city and 23 mpg/highway. Its standard transmission is a six-speed manual, but a five-speed automatic transmission was available as an option and pre-owned vehicles with this option remain readily available. Inside, the Crossfire for 2008 does not sacrifice comfort for a sporty image. Instead, it boasts an eight-way power seat with multi-level heating and height adjustment for the driver, a four-way power passenger seat, carpet and trim and other amenities associated with luxury vehicles. This is yet another expression of the Mercedes-Benz heritage of the Crossfire, as the German automaker is renowned for providing an atmosphere of luxury and comfort even in its high-performance sports cars. Safety represents yet another aspect of the German contribution to the design and construction of this Daimler-Chrysler showpiece. The 2008 Crossfire includes door mounted side airbags and dual knee airbags, and both the driver and passenger front airbags feature multi-stage deployment. The Crossfire is even equipped with a trunk anti-trap device and automatic locking retractors, and it is designed with crumple zones to protect its two occupants in the event of a crash. Its exterior design is that of a classic sports car, updated for the 21st century. It is commanding without being pretentious, and just futuristic enough to garner admiration without appearing out of place on the road or in the parking lot. Considering that this car was hardly conceived for runs to the supermarket or home improvement center, it does have ample space for storage under its hatchback rear door. The 2008 Crossfire is a powerful and well-designed Mercedes sports car in Chrysler disguise. It leaves one wondering what might have been had the Daimler-Chrysler partnership succeeded.
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