Guangdong Hongtu has developed 20 new electric aluminum castings for electric vehicles

by:Hanway     2018-10-20

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Article content: HC Plastics News: Guangdong Hongtu has developed 20 electric automotive die-casting products, mainly including end caps, brackets, battery bases, etc. Currently, there are 11 models in production, all of which are supplied by Nissan Electric Vehicles. With the large-scale development of 4G networks, orders for communication products have increased significantly, and this year's products will account for 20%. Guangdong Hongtu has developed 20 new electric aluminum castings for electric vehicles Guangdong Hongtu Technology Co., Ltd. ('Guangdong Hongtu'), a leading supplier of automotive aluminum castings in China, recently revealed the above information. The manufacturer of aluminum alloy die-casting parts for automotive engines and transmission systems said that the market for electric vehicles is very large, and it will continue to closely monitor and track the development of the electric vehicle market and cutting-edge technologies, and make relevant customers and technologies. reserve. However, Guangdong Hongtu said that it is expected that the production and sales of electric vehicles will account for a lower proportion of the automobile production and sales market in the next decade. Therefore, the company's automotive products in the next few years will continue to be dominated by traditional automobiles. The communication type die casting products are the other small sectors of Guangdong Hongtu. The construction of 4G network promotes the growth of the business of this segment. It is estimated that the proportion of communication products will be about 20% this year. For the sustainability of the development of the communications industry, Guangdong Hongtu said that due to the fluctuation of communication orders, the proportion of its future communication products will remain within the range of 15%-20%. In addition, Guangdong Hongtu also said that it is gradually implementing automation in processes such as die-casting and numerical control. At present, there are hundreds of robotic equipments for die-casting machines and CNC machining centers, and will continue to move toward automation in the future. According to its introduction, only its high-end headquarters has 75 die-casting machines and more than 400 machining centers. Editor in charge: Song Danyi
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