die casting process, cold chamber process, hot chamber process

by:Hanway     2020-02-12
Die casting is a method of loading molten metal into the mold under high pressure.Die casting is a method of casting metal for a very wide range of purposes.Die castin...Die casting is a method of loading molten metal into the mold under high pressure.
Die casting is a method of casting metal for a very wide range of purposes.The only difference between die casting and permanent mold casting is that the metal is at 10-210 Mpa.This will result in more uniform parts, usually good dimensional accuracy and good surface finish.
Different metals and alloys that can be used for die casting are zinc, aluminum, copper, magnesium, tin and lead.Black metal can also be used in die casting, and die casting methods are commonly used in applications where large quantities of medium or small parts match details, good size and fine surface finish.There are two kinds of equipment for die casting cold chamber and hot chamber process.
Cold chamber process: in the cold chamber category of die casting, the cold chamber of each module is filled with molten metal.Provides less exposure time for metal material to be inserted into the mold wall.This cold chamber treatment method is very useful for metals such as aluminum, copper and metal, which are easy to work with ferroalloys at high temperatures.
Hot chamber process: in the die-casting hot chamber process method, the pressure connected to the mold cavity is permanent in the molten metal.When the piston moves to a non-open positionThe pressurized area, the inlet connected to the pressurized cylinder is opened.The die casting mold used in this method is expensive and usually takes a long production time.
These die-casting modules are also known as the advantages of die-casting: the die-casting method provides excellent dimensional accuracy.The dimensional accuracy is as good as 0.Top 2 1mm.5cms and0.The first inch is 005.Die Casting also provides a smooth casting surface.Small and thin walls can be made by die-casting walls to smooth the walls to 0.
About 75mm can be cast.
The die casting method can also be used to insert inserts such as Threaded inserts, high-strength bearing surfaces and heating elements.Die Casting also helps reduce or even completely eliminate the use of secondary processing operations.The use of die casting methods also helps to reduce production time and produce a large number of items in a very short time.
The die casting method also helps to maintain and improve the tensile strength of the metal.It provides tensile strength up to 415 MPa (60ksi.Disadvantages of die casting: the casting weight is very small between 30g and 10 kg.
In addition, the size of the material that needs to be cast using the die casting method needs to be as small as about 600mm.The budget for the die casting process is high and the initial cost is high.The die casting method makes the metal porous to a certain extent.
In the die casting method, the thickest part needs to be less than 13mm or 0.5 inches
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