Building a leading aluminum die casting industry with “focus” aluminum die cast

by:Hanway     2018-10-21

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Article content: Hongte Precision (300176), one of the leading enterprises in the domestic automotive precision aluminum alloy die-casting industry, was unveiled on the GEM today. Zhang Jianxiong, general manager of the company, said that the rapid growth of China's automobile production and the gradual recovery of foreign markets have driven the prosperity of the auto parts industry and created huge market demand for Hongte Precision's products. Reporter: What is the industry situation and market development prospects of the company? Zhang Jianxiong: The company's main products are automotive precision die-casting parts. Compared with other aluminum die-casting industries, the precision die-casting industry of auto parts has high technical content, high added value of products, strict qualification certification, high entry threshold, and is in the aluminum die-casting industry. High-end status. 

With the development of modern industry, the traditional die-casting industry is developing in the direction of integration, specialization, new technology, new materials and rapid response. Reporter: What positive impact will this company bring to the company's operating conditions after it is put into production? Zhang Jianxiong: According to the feasibility study report of the fundraising project, the fourth year after the production of the automobile precision die-casting and processing project expansion project can reach the design and production scale. It is estimated that the new sales income will be 339 million yuan/year and the net profit will be 45.17 million. Yuan/year. The successful implementation of the research center investment project can improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, improve product quality and pass rate, and increase product added value. 

 Reporter: What plans does Hongte Precision have for product development? Zhang Jianxiong: The company will introduce new technologies of die-casting at home and abroad through independent innovation, cooperation with well-known domestic universities and hiring domestic and foreign die-casting experts to research and develop automotive engine core die-casting parts, such as cylinder blocks, gearboxes, rocker axle seats, etc. And the development of large-scale, complex, precise and thick, thin-walled and other technically demanding die-casting products to enhance the added value of products; through the application of high-precision optical spectrum analyzers and material testing equipment, the development of new aluminum alloy materials, the development of new products, build new business. Reporter: What plans does the company have for market development? Zhang Jianxiong: At the current stage of the rapid development of the domestic automobile industry, the company focuses on exploring the domestic market. The company plans to become the leading professional manufacturer of automotive aluminum alloy precision die-casting parts within three years. The company's current export sales are relatively small compared to the domestic sales business. In the next two years, the company's domestic sales will still account for a relatively large share, but we will also increase the expansion of overseas markets, so that the company's domestic sales and export sales are equally important. Reporter: Zhaoqing currently has two listed companies, Hongte Precision and Guangdong Hongtu. There are great similarities in products, customers and business models. How do you see the competition between the two companies? Zhang Jianxiong: The company is close to the main business of Guangdong Hongtu, and the scale is not much different. Compared with Guangdong Hongtu, the company's auto parts products are relatively small, relatively small in specifications, more engine products, and a high proportion of product assemblies. Although the company has not entered the die-casting industry for a long time, the company adheres to the concept of “not only comprehensive, but only”, and focuses its business on the most technically advanced engine and gearbox precision die-casting parts. In the future, the company will continue to take the specialization route, enhance the company's core competitiveness in the field of automotive precision die-casting parts and its assembly, improve the level of product support, and meet the customer's 'one-stop' procurement needs.
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