The development of LED is the second revolution in the past 120 years following the development of filament lamp.The advantages of LED energy saving, environmental protection, longevity, eye protection, low voltage, fast and multicolor lighting will inevitably replace the existing lighting devices in the near future.


When LED works, about 80% of the electric energy can be converted into heat energy, and 20% of the electric energy is converted to light energy, while the temperature of the LED is inversely proportional to the rate of light out. At the same time, the temperature has a direct relationship with the life of the LED, the luminous decay and the bias of the chromatic aberration, so a good heatsink will make the best function of the LED.


In the past fifteen years, Hanway has been providing high quality LED aluminum alloy die casting heatsink and various lamp bracket housings for famous luminaire manufacturers both local and oversea.

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