What Do Corrosion Inhibitors Do?

by:Hanway     2020-04-12
1. As the name implies, corrosion inhibitors reduce the speed at which metals corrode. The metal is much less likely to rust, and so means that water can pass over or through the metal, without it. think about how metal pipes are able to carry water, or other liquids without, rusting. 2. By layering the metal with a coat of chromates, the rate at which the metal corrodes can be reduced. These are known as anodic corrosion inhibitors. If the layer of chromates is too thin, there might not be enough protection from rust, and if the layer of chromates is too thick, then the metal can start to pit. 3. The chemical reaction that causes corrosion can be slowed down, using chemicals that react with oxygen. These are known as cathodic inhibitors. 4. Using both anodic and cathodic inhibitors can produce more effective rust prevention, and is often the preferred method for domestic boiler systems. 5. Metal pipes, such as those found in heating systems, need to be protected against rust, so that the pipes last longer, and more importantly, there is no danger of any flakes from the pipes appearing in drinking water. 6. Vehicle fluids also need to protect the parts of the engine. Brake fluid, power steering fluid, lubricants, anti freeze and other fluids will need to be treated with corrosion inhibitors so that they don't damage the parts of the engine that they are supposed to be protecting. 7. Home and domestic products such as bicycle chain oil, universal lubricants, and even soaps and laundry products are treated so that they don't cause any metal parts they touch to rust. 8. Another essential use of corrosion inhibitors is in paints. As well as protecting the tin that the paint comes in from rusting, the metal that the paint will be used on needs to be protected from corroding too. Think about car paint, dedicated metal paint, and the domestic paints used on pipes and other metal items in the home. 9. Metal structures, such as bridges, road signs, statues, as well as oil rigs, boats, and many more items need to be protected against corrosion, and so using rust inhibitors will help these items to last longer before they need replacing. 10. Fuels also need to be treated too. From protecting the storage tank, fuel pump on the forecourt to the metal parts of the engine, without the inhibitors, the fuel would cause rust and corrosion to the engine parts, which would mean that the vehicle and engine would not last as long. Now you know more about them, and how important they are, perhaps now is the time for you to think more about corrosion inhibitors and how they can help you.
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