Using an Eco Friendly Parts Cleaner Solvent Anticipates

by:Hanway     2020-04-02
If your company performs a high volume of parts cleaning, the environmental friendliness of your parts cleaner solvent or degreaser probably isn't the first thing on your mind. Although 'going green' has become more than a fad in toady's eco conscious business world, a company's first concern when choosing a parts cleaner will always be the cleaner's ability to clean parts. As a result, most companies choose a parts-cleaner that meets their needs and use it for as long as possible, even when the cleaner contains chemicals that are hazardous to workers and the environment. Nevertheless, as the green movement goes forward, EPA regulations are forcing many companies to abandon toxic cleaners whether they want to or not, placing them in the position replacing critical cleaners with environmentally friendlier cleaners in the absence of careful research. Although replacing a reliable parts cleaner with a new parts-cleaner on short notice can be a nervous experience, companies that find that find themselves in this position have no to blame but themselves. EPA regulation of chemical solvents doesn't happen overnight, but is typically announced one or more years ahead of time to allow companies to ample time to prepare. The are numerous reasons why companies fail to prepare for EPA regulations, but in each case the result is the same: they interrupt their parts cleaning operation and often end up with a stock of regulated parts cleaner that can no longer be used in sufficient quantities. To avoid these setbacks, the time to transition your company from a traditional parts cleaner to an environmentally friendly parts cleaner is now. If you aren't familiar with eco friendly solvents, you'll be pleased to know that there are eco friendly solvent companies that specialize in helping companies find new parts-cleaning solutions that work as well or better than old solutions. Regardless of their intended use, eco friendly parts cleaners come in two basic types: environmentally safe cleaners, which are organic and biodegradable, and environmentally preferred cleaners, which are not organic and biodegradable but represent a significant improvement over traditional solvents. While using an environmentally safe solvent is the optimal goal, using an environmentally preferred solvent is still sufficient to comply with EPA regulations. If your company needs a recommendation for eco friendly parts cleaning solvents, two such solvents are PHASE II Contact and Precision Parts Cleaner and NEW II Environmentally Preferred Parts Cleaner. PHASE II is a non-flammable, rapid drying, powerful cleaning degreaser that is furnished in bulk or aerosol form, and is ideal for use on the following components: gears, windings, generators, engine parts, printing equipment, production machinery, relays, motors, starters, bearings, assemblies of electrical equipment and gas, water and electric meters. NEW II is a solvent degreaser that is odorless, contains no water, is fully evaporative, has a high flash point and is capable of removing the toughest accumulations of grease, fuel oil, carbon and organic resins, yet is safe for use on most plastics and rubbers.
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