Solvent Degreasing - Choosing a Non-Toxic Replacement

by:Hanway     2020-04-04
If your company has used the same degreaser for more than a decade, chances are that it could upgrade to a more environmentally friendly degreaser. Until recently, most companies lack of environmental concern meant that they purchased lower priced traditional degreasers instead of environmentally preferred degreasers. Today, however, more companies are switching to environmentally preferred degreasers to avoid the increasing drawbacks of using toxic chemicals in commercial and industrial settings. In addition to being harmful to the environment, solvent degreasing with toxic chemicals can also adversely affect companies, resulting in lawsuits that stem from toxic exposure in the workplace and high chemical waste disposal costs. Another disadvantage of toxic degreaser is that it could force companies to replace a relied upon degreaser because EPA regulations ban or severely regulate its chemicals. The reasons for conducting solvent degreasing with eco friendly solvents are many. But choosing the best solvent for your degreasing process ultimately amounts to searching for a combination of non-toxic properties and other properties that ensure the safe use of a solvent. For companies that currently need an environmentally safe degreaser, VORTEX citrus cleaner and heavy duty degreaser is one example of parts cleaner and general degreaser that offers the ideal range of qualities for a degreasing cleaner, which we list below. Fully Biodegradable As aforementioned, switching to a fully biodegradable degreaser can lessen your chemical waste disposal bills-a cost cutting measure whose impact is only positive. No Petroleum Distillates Solutions that contain petroleum distillates can have a negative impact on soil quality and water quality. But their price also fluctuates with the price of petroleum. If you're buying a few gallons of petroleum cleaner, then oil price is negligible. But if you're buying large supply, switching to a petroleum-free solution is an important cost saving measure. No HAPs or VOCs HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are the two causes of chronic illness in workers that results from toxic exposure. In some cases, companies attempt to eliminate the effect of HAPs and VOCs by implementing special ventilation systems, which is only partially effective. If you care about workers' health and want to avoid toxic exposure lawsuits, avoiding HAP and VOC containing solvents is the only way to go. High Flash Point A degreaser with a low flash point risks igniting when it contacts electrical objects or objects that remain energized after being disengaged, as well as poses a greater fire risk in accidental situations. For dielectric degreasing, a degreaser with no flash point is the most desirable. But for basic degreasing, a degreaser's flash point should be at least in excess of 135 degrees Fahrenheit.
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