May Hanway aluminum die casting parts offer warehousing services?
In order to improve customer experience, we render short-term warehousing services for customers overseas. Hanway Metal Products Co.,Ltd.aluminum die casting parts is proud of our ability to promptly manufacture products thanks to the advanced devices and reasonable production scheduling. However, in some cases, customers prefer to have their products shipped late for personal reason. Under this circumstance, we will persuade our customers to use our warehouse, which is spacious enough for goods storage within a limited period. Once customers confirm the lead time, we deliver the goods as quickly as possible.

Hanway Industrial Partsmetal products Co.,Ltd. is a top notch security CCTV system accessories production firm, with offices scattered around the world. aluminium medical device parts produced by Hanway Industrial Partsis very popular in the market. The product is strong and robust. It is made of a sturdy frame that can maintain its overall shape and integrity, which makes it be able to stand up to everyday use. Effective quality management system can ensure high quality and stability of products continuously. In terms of market share, it will greatly increase in the next few years. Our staff will promptly give our response to customers.

Hanway Industrial PartsOEM aluminum die casting will continuously enrich its product range that are popular with consumers around the world. Ask!
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