Check Your Car For FLOWER Power!

by:Hanway     2020-04-25
Having a car that gives you no hassle what so ever will make life so much simpler. Unfortunately for many of us, cars do have problems and often need checking over or taking into a garage for you to hand over an amount of cash that you really do not want to! However if people did check over various car parts more regularly they could probably avoid a nasty bill. Just remember to have a bit of FLOWER power! FLOWER is an acronym that should be remembered by all drivers as it is a really good way to know what to check. Some of the checks are before you set off on a journey but most are weekly, but if you keep on top of the checks then you should not have to deal with as many car problems. The F stands for fuel; this of course should be checked before you set off on a journey. Many people do not think to check it and before they know it have run out of fuel. It is better to fill up at a local petrol station or at a supermarket than using motorways stops as the prices are always higher. The L stand for lights, these should be checked weekly. You often see motorists with a brake light of headlight out and this can be very dangerous, so make sure to stop and check these especially before driving on motorways and country roads at night. Make sure to always put lights on when they are needed such as fog lights when it is foggy outside just remember to turn them off too. The O stands for oil, make sure to read through your cars handbook so you know how much oil should be present. It can damage your car engine if there is not enough oil so make sure it is always topped up to the correct level. The W stands for water, keeping your car engine cool by having the right amount of water in the coolant mixed with antifreeze is important and will stop the engine from overheating. Water also applies to the amount you have for the windscreen wipers, make sure this is topped up especially when going on long journeys and country roads where dirt will flick up onto the car. The E stands for electrics, car batteries are one of the worst problems for car breakdowns, having this car part renewed is important so if yours is coming up to five years old you should change it. Finally the R stands for rubber, this applies to your tyres and wipers. Having the correct tyres fitted that are properly inflated and have a tread depth higher than 1.6mm is important. Wiper blades can also get worn out and if will start to miss out bits of your windscreen, these need to be renewed so it cleans the whole of the windscreen area to give you maximum vision. So every week before you get in your car just think of FLOWERs!
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