woolworths have begun weighing items in the bagging area again at self-service check-outs - security camera housing outdoor

by:Hanway     2019-09-08
woolworths have begun weighing items in the bagging area again at self-service check-outs  -  security camera housing outdoor
Australia's retail industry is in crisis, with four major retail brands closed as of 2019.
Prepare the robot command to return "unexpected items in the bagging area.
Source: supply Woolworths has to weigh themselves againservice check-
Areas that reduce the number of stolen items.
Weighing in the bag-loading area, paired with the robot command "bag-loading area accidental items", was closed a few years ago, but the supermarket giant is reopening it with its rival Coles.
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Outswooolworths said that this change that will be promoted to all stores will also avoid overcharging customers for scanning errors. “Self-serve check-
"Out is very popular and the vast majority of customers don't have any problems scanning the right items," a spokesman for the supermarket giant said . ".
"From time to time we see customers scanning the wrong item, so we turned on the weighing scale to help shoppers verify that the right item is passing.
"We know like self-
Serve at its speed and ease of use, and have additional team members on the deck to help us keep our customers moving when we implement this new measure.
"The additional security measures were taken after both Coles and Woolworth tried out the new camera technology on their own. service check-outs.
Security cameras monitor the results. outs at Coles.
Source: News Australia confirmed the news. com.
Au started using cameras last month so shoppers can see themselves scanning items and want to think twice before bagging.
"While most of our clients have done the right thing, it is not fair for a few people to escape doing the wrong thing," a Coles spokesperson said . ".
"We also have trained secret security officers in our stores across the country who catch hundreds of thieves every week and report to the police.
"The Australian Retailer Association estimates that the cost of all forms of shop-in theft in the retail industry is $9.
One year 5 billion
Russell Zimmerman, ARA's executive director, told Express Mail supermarkets, including the use of new technologies, that they were "paying close attention" to discouraging theft.
However, the return of the weighing function annoyed many consumers and many vented their frustration on Facebook.
"You recently added a weight check in the self checkout bagging area.
Please throw it away
"It's not accurate, it's crazy," one user said . ".
Another: "I was doing weekly grocery shopping earlier today and needed about six times of help.
How does ALDI assistant scan items so quickly?
When shopping in the supermarket chain Aldi, it is difficult to not pay attention to the speed of the checkout line relative to the competitor, because the assistant brushes the product one by one in a blink of an eye.
The long conveyor belt helps the organization of the outlet, but the slight differences in the packaging make the payment faster than the competitors Woolworths and Coles.
Each item has multiple or enlarged barcodes so that it is easier for the scanner to pick up what is being moved to the bagging area. “Aldi’s check-
Cooperation with industry-
A company spokesman told new. com. au.
"Each of our registers comes with a long conveyor belt that allows customers to unload the trolley at a time, and many of our products come with multiple barcodes so that it is easier for our retail assistants to scan each product.
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