what type of consumer are you? - money. - types of die casting

by:Hanway     2019-08-29
what type of consumer are you? - money.  -  types of die casting
Data giant Acxiom uses its vast database with personal data on shoppers and their buying behaviorS.
The family it tracks includes one of the 70 categories, from the richest--
Known as the summit Manor"-
Bottom of income range--
Or "rent r with flexibility.
According to the marketing materials of Acxiom, "cluster" allows marketers to understand better--
And look forward--
Demographics and purchasing behavior of customers.
"These categories help retailers decide where new stores are located, for example, on which TV stations to advertise, or which customers they should market the new product range.
But critics say these groups, often based on socio-economic factors such as income, may lead to bias against different shoppers.
"It's really put in a box," said Pam Dixon, executive director of the World Privacy Forum . ".
This is the problem.
"Want to know where you fell?
Here's how Acxiom describes various types of consumer families in its marketing materials: Married: you're in your 20 s or 30 s, recently married, household income could be between $50,000 and $100,000.
You may have your own house, most likely in an upscale neighborhood in the suburbs.
You are a fan of the Banana Republic store "Green and stylish cars (GPS)and The Gap (GPS)
A loyal Netflix company. NFLX)subscriber.
You are in your 30 s or 40 s and live in rural areas with moderate income.
You may be married, but you have no children.
You shop in stores like Walmart. mart (WMT)
Enjoy watching NASCAR and classic shows on TV.
College crowd: between the ages of 18 and 23, you are single and highly mobile.
You may be renting r and living in a university town.
You buy clothes from the American Eagle (AEO)
And courier company (EXPR)
Frequent visits to liquor stores.
Your TV is adjusted to be a family member and you may have copies of Rolling Stones and Us Weekly.
Shooting star: you are in your 30 s or 40 s and get married without a child.
You like six.
Family income and may have a graduate degree.
You shop in a store like Ann Taylor (ANN )
And Sephora, read magazines like male health and use the web to check your stock investment and make travel plans.
Apple pie family: you are a member of the upper class
Middle-class families may live in smaller cities or nearby suburbs.
You might be driving a minivan.
You shop in stores like Home Depot (HD), Target (TGT)and Best Buy (BBY)
Listen to NPR.
City hybrid: You are a single "urban person" who lives in a city like New York, Los Angeles or Chicago without children ". Well-
You may enjoy museums and theaters if you are well educated.
You buy groceries from Joe traders and Whole Foods, dress your home with crates and buckets, and buy clothes from Banana Republic.
Look at the New York Times (NYT)
Look at the office.
Related: Facebook uses offline purchases to target advertising Metro parents: you are a single parent living in the city and may earn less than $50,000.
You shop in Kmart (SHLD)
Read the magazines of Umu and seventeen, watch soap operas and gamble.
The eternal elder: You are a retiree and may live alone on a meager income.
You are active in your community and often clip coupons and shop at discount stores like Kmart.
Your favorite TV shows include the right price, the wheel of luck and 60 minutes.
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