west end refuge for asylum-seekers launched with private funds - housing for camera

by:Hanway     2019-09-13
west end refuge for asylum-seekers launched with private funds  -  housing for camera
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For the past three years, Steve Heinrich and his family have been watching people come and go in the West End building near their home.
On Sunday they had a chance to see what was going on inside.
The former electrical repair shop on Ellis Avenue has been demolished and transformed into a shelter transitional home
In the first six months of Canada, job seekers need a place to stay and a mentor.
Naomi richs said that Naomi House is good for the community and that he is a father with three children under the age of 12.
"We are here to celebrate," he said on a visit to 6,200 on Sunday --square-
There is a seven-bedroom foot building that is estimated to accommodate 30 refugees each year.
A private foundation purchased and overhauled the building without government funds. It opened debt-
Tim Nielsen, the pastor of the Maryland Street City Church, said it was free and his congregation was mainly composed of new Canadians.
Three years ago, the church and the public launched housing projects.
It relies on labor and materials donated by private donations and thousands of hours.
"It's beautiful," Nelson said . "
Second, the community
The door to the floor living room leads to a huge patio, on the level of the eye, the canopy of the west side and the adjacent roof. A huge main-
The kitchen and dining area on the floor are equipped with two stoves and two microwave ovens for cooking together.
At Naomi's house, there will be cooking classes, English classes and computer teaching on laptops that residents can use, Nelson said, adding that, he sees it as a place where churches and other community groups who wish to help can volunteer.
Each bed has a quilt
City church member and volunteer shaobaz Khan said it was sewn by the hatters who made it for the newcomers.
Residents will have keys to enter the security camera-
Lemlem Aregay, another tour guide and City church volunteer, said their bedroom was equipped with a building and access code.
The building will also accommodate the city church offices and some places of lifein staff.
Jim leschid, director of Naomi's house, and his wife Molly moved into May.
They have contacted other placement services in Winnipeg and neighbors in the West End.
"We already know people on the street," Leschied said . ".
"It's very diverse.
"On the weekend
Migrant protesters clashed at an irregular crossing between Quebec and Ottawa, and Leschied said the atmosphere around Naomi House was much more friendly.
"I haven't experienced or heard of going backwards in my four months here," he said . ".
"Very popular.
He said: "A refugee applicant from Ethiopia and her two children were the first residents of Naomi's house.
Indy Cung Cin said that the sooner a person accepts new people and helps them, the sooner they connect with the community and work, and that he arrived in Winnipeg in 1996 as a refugee from Myanmar, now the pastor of the city church.
We have many obstacles.
Language, cultural impact
"We should support them so they can work hard," he said . ". carol.
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