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by:Hanway     2019-08-18
Since 2005, National electrical regulations (NEC) have required the installation of outdoor sockets on new homes.NEC also includes setting requirements for installation of outdoor electrical outlets.Its requirements involve their location and adequate weather protection.
According to NEC, each new home must have at least two outdoor outlets.The socket will be located at the front and rear of the house.The placement of the socket is not more than 6 2 feet from the ground.
In 2008, NEC added a requirement that balconies, decks and porches that can be accessed from the inside need to place at least one outlet around the perimeter of the outdoor structure.This addition also stipulates that the socket shall not be 6 2 feet higher than the surface of the outdoor structure.However, the code provides an exception to this requirement.Balconies, decks and porches with an area of less than 20 square feet are available without having to have an outdoor outlet.
In order to prevent moisture from entering the housing of the outdoor socket, the panel of the socket must be firmly fixed on the supporting surface.When the socket is installed on an uneven surface, the filling material can be used in the gap.
All 15-must have waterproof caseand 20-amp, 120/240-Outdoor outlets.A while-in-The lid must also be used.
Ground fault circuit breaker (GFCI) protection is required for all outdoor outlets.However, when the socket is powered through a dedicated branch circuit, there is a rare exception, that is, it is not easy to approach and groundProvides fault protection for equipment or sockets.
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