we reveal seven clues and questions which could help solve the mystery of missing raf airman corrie mckeague – from his last known meal to new cctv footage - small cctv camera housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-10
we reveal seven clues and questions which could help solve the mystery of missing raf airman corrie mckeague – from his last known meal to new cctv footage  -  small cctv camera housing
Nicolas Urquhart, a police family liaison, is used to dealing with the human impact of crime.
But to solve the problem of her son's disappearance is her hardest job at the moment.
The 23-year-old pilot Corey mckeg disappeared after a party with friends of the Royal Air Force more than three months ago in Bury St. Edmonds, Suffolk.
In the early morning of September 24, he appeared on CCTV for the last time and walked into a small horseshoe --
Shape area of housing box.
Even without training the camera at the entrance, it is impossible for him to walk within 18 yards without being picked up by another person.
Mother Nikolai said: "Even Jason Bourne can't walk out without being seen by CCTV, let alone the drunk Corey.
However, Suffolk Police admitted: "This is a complete mystery.
He was not seen, and there was obviously no way to leave, but we were not sure that he had not left.
"Later that morning, the gunner's phone signal was detected at Barton Mills, 13 miles away, in line with the dust car route he collected the bin from the Horseshoe area 35 minutes after his disappearance.
The waste operator said his body could not be ignored.
Nikolai, 47, Fafu, admitted that "there is little chance that Corey will live", but added: "I will not give up ".
She launched her own investigation with the former military intelligence officer, brother Tony Rennes, and rebuilt her son's last operation, hiring private detectives, studied the nearby aerial drone footage he was last seen.
Private detectives are exploring potential links to an attempt to kidnap a pilot 35 miles away in July.
Nikolai's "find Corey" Facebook page has more than 110,000 members, and Hollywood star Tom Hardy even recorded a video that attracted witnesses.
She thought Corrie was hurt in the bin area, was hidden before the search started and later moved.
Police have released new footage of CCTV, with six people close to the location of Curry's last appearance.
But the sun has discovered new information, which has not yet been made public, raising further questions about Corey's fate --
And whether the crime will be involved.
Corey left the nightclub alone and went to Mia's mother for takeout.
Owner Abdulkadir Tekabac and his brother recognized him as a regular visitor when they walked in before one o'clock A. M. He played Rock-paper-
While another customer was waiting for his order, he was holding scissors-two burgers, a chicken skewer and chips.
As a healthy, 5ft 10in and 13st young man, may the food be for himself-or is it enough to feed himself and the person he may meet later?
Corey was photographed by the camera at 1.
Walking to the wine bar at fifteen o'clock A. M. he lost something there and then walked to the door of a shop where witnesses said he had slept for at least an hour.
On Friday and Saturday nights, the committee's CCTV surveillance unit should send guards to check Corey at this point.
However, no checks were made.
Just before he went missing, Corrie used his phone at the age of 3.
Send a photo at eight o'clock A. M. to a friend who goes out at night.
The spinning council camera above Greenwood men's wear is shown to Corey at 3.
Walk along the slope of brentgoville Street at twenty-four o'clock A. M. and turn right-invisible-towards the horseshoe --
A bin area formed behind a row of shops.
People think that he came here to relax himself, secretly looking forward to it before walking in, and may feel uneasy about urinating in public places.
It is a crime that is strictly enforced in the town and will be punished by the Royal Air Force.
But is there another reason why he doesn't want to be seen?
Before turning to the other five View settings, the CCTV camera remains fixed for a minute at that location.
Then it returns three-and-a-
Half a minute later, we looked down from Brentgovel Street.
With the camera trained elsewhere, it left an area roughly the size of the football penalty area found by CCTV.
However, it is impossible for Corey to leave that 18-
The yard in any direction was not found by another camera.
Seemingly free graffiti
Running enthusiasts on the building walls think there is a way to climb up the roof and not see any CCTV-but Corey is tired and drunk.
None of these buildings were occupied, although an empty drug rehabilitation center entered from a staircase close to the bin area was sometimes used by visitors.
Police said they had thoroughly searched the area, but Corey's family asked for further inspection of another junk area in the Brackland "penalty box" near Brentgovel Street.
One of the theories considered by the police is whether Corrie became a target after the nightclub that was previously asked to leave annoyed someone. The party-
The loved Scot, described by his mother, Nicola, as "not so much a social butterfly as a social Grenade", was at his Royal Air Force, Honington base, earlier on Friday night, September 23, he was drinking with seven other people in his colleague's room.
At nine o'clock P. M. , the group decided to go to Bury St Edmunds nine miles away, but when he went to feed his 7-month-
Old French bulldog puppy, Louelle, in his room.
Corey drove his BMW Z4 sports car into town and arrived at ten o'clock P. M. , stopping in a disabled area across from the Whiterose store.
He drank 45 minutes of beer in the car and spoke to his 21-year-old brother Darroch on the phone.
They plan to meet in London next weekend.
Corey, dressed in a pink shirt, white jeans, torn knees, brown suede leather forest orchid boots, caught up with his friends at the age of 11.
At five o'clock P. M. in the So Bar at Langton square and 15 minutes later, head to Wetherspoon on Abbey Gate Street.
They then arrived at the Flex nightclub in the south of St. Andrew Street at 12.
At 25, the doorman asked the average club member Corrie if he was drunk.
He was allowed to enter after answering "a little.
Outgoing Corrie left his friend and chatted with male and female strangers at the club, but 15 minutes later the staff asked him to leave because they were worried that he was drunk.
"The police made it clear to me that there was no footage of him upsetting anyone or causing problems," Nikolai said.
"A wide-ranging investigation has been conducted into the background of" Madam "Corey to find out the motive for his disappearance.
Five months before his disappearance, he had seen Oliver in April on the dating site, but acted as if he was still single.
Earlier this week, when the 21-year-old revealed on April that she was pregnant, the search became more acute.
Two weeks after she found out that Corey's child was missing, she was waiting for him.
RAF gunners use dating sites including Tinder and Plenty of Fish to meet women.
Nikolai had previously said that the sites could provide clues to her son's encounter, saying: "Corey could have known someone on a website or agreed to meet someone who is not sincere.
"This is an important issue that needs attention.
"She denied that Corey might have been gay or bisexual because he was extroverted and dressed.
Nikolai said: "He is very confident in his sexual orientation.
"He has no objection to this.
He's not gay. He's not gay himself.
"If Corey is gay, he doesn't care who knows-he will tell everyone.
"Is he attractive to other men? Yes.
Does he like this kind of attention? Yes.
But he's not gay.
Speaking about ITV's theory of Good Morning Britain in November, she said: "Many people have asked him if he is, but he is, to a large extent, a lady.
"But maybe someone else thinks he is, that's why he's being targeted.
Did anyone lock him in the bedroom?
About 36 hours after Corey went missing, a former Metropolitan police officer said while walking her dog that she saw three men standing outside a 4x4 car with foreign license plates.
She described seeing a white man among them holding a rag and suspected that they were trying to set fire.
The woman reported the incident to the police, three miles from Barton Mills, along the route B1112 of nicklinham.
It is said that they have tracked the passengers in the car and in the car, but the mother of Corey, Nicola, is still upset and said: "I believe this is very suspicious.
Even though he never tried the cross.
Corey told a witness that he planned to go back from the club.
His route may take him through the waterways and private passages.
Own the lake in delafmill.
Nearly 90 minutes after he was last seen, corrie's phone received social media data-first at Bury St Edmunds and then again at Barton, 13 miles away ·
Time and place are consistent with private, single routes
Someone was seen coming in from bifa dustcart, who collected cardboard garbage from Corey's bin area.
It arrived at four o'clock A. M. and left after 20 minutes after the driver filled out the documents.
One explanation may be that Corey, while relaxing himself, puts his mobile phone on the empty trash can.
Nothing was found at the garbage sorting site, where its incinerator burned at 1, 100C-too low to destroy the broken bones at 1, 600C.
Forensic examination revealed that Curry was not in the dustcart cab and was not knocked down.
But the police did not search for his phone on the junk website, because there may be important clues in the phone.
Police have released new photos of six people seen on CCTV the night of Corey's disappearance.
They are considered to be the person shown in the previously released video, but are still not identified.
Four of these photos can be seen below, taken between 3 points in Suffolk market town. 15am and 5. 20am.
Most of the people seen in the area have been tracked and talked to by investigating officials after previous appeals.
However, the detective still does not know that there are still a small number of people.
Katie Supt Katie Elliott said: "We are conducting extensive investigations and continue to conduct CCTV analysis, search and background checks on all aspects of Corrie's life.
"As part of our ongoing search for his job, the police team has gone through more than 1,000 hours of CCTV footage.
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