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  -  waterproof camera housing
Update Time: 04:06 EDT, January 19, 2012, these incredibly close-
A fearless photographer took photos of wild polar bears, swimming a few inches from them.
Although few people will be within 50 feet of dangerous animals, not to mention the nose --to-
In the cold Arctic Ocean, this is what French naturalist Joe Bonny did.
Although he promised his wife that he would not.
Wear only one dry one.
Suits, snorkeling and masks, he dives in two-level waters in Nunavut, Canada, less than 20 inch of bears.
Twice, these animals are so close to 57 animals. year-
They touched his waterproof camera case with their nose.
But in one encounter, when a bear becomes aggressive, he leaves it.
Mr. Bunni from Paris said: "I broke all my own safety rules and after such an amazing experience in the previous year, I became too confident in my relationship with these amazing animals
"The encounter did not proceed as expected, and the bear became agitated and began to roar, filling me with fear.
"I don't respect nature, the bear slammed at me, and his powerful claws almost tore up the ship we were in and scratched the metal.
"My captain had little time to pull me out of the water, and my arm was long enough when I was attacked by nature's largest land predator at sea.
Mr. Bunni, who is also a dentist, began filming polar bears in July 2009 when he was looking for a horizontal picture of an animal on and off the water.
He was taken to the iceberg on a 21-foot steel ship, and after three days of searching, he finally found the polar bear.
After taking a few photos and getting a woman used to his appearance, Mr. Bonny climbed into the water to take more photos.
At that time, the animal approached him.
"I submerged myself underwater, so only the camera case and the snorkeling device are visible," he said.
"The bear cares too much about the ship, but when she sees its shell, she must have seen her reflection and thought it was another bear.
"As she approaches, you can see the order in the photo, touch the shell, and then she flinch when she realizes it's not a bear.
Bonny said he indulged his dangerous hobbies in order to protect polar bears.
He is writing a protective book.
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