watch hallowe'en burglary suspect take charity pots from cambridge pub - cctv camera box

by:Hanway     2019-09-07
watch hallowe\'en burglary suspect take charity pots from cambridge pub  -  cctv camera box
A ruthless thief broke into a bar in Cambridge on Halloween and stole some money for charity.
An unidentified man entered the boat Bar in Arbury around 5 and was photographed by CCTV cameras.
On Tuesday, October 31, ten o'clock A. M.
The photo shows that the man approached the bar and apparently took two collection boxes for the Poppy Appeal and the Children's Association.
The bearded man, wearing a hat and backpack, briefly walked in and out of the gun before suddenly rushing down.
The landlord, Andy Harum, and his wife, Mo Du, were 57 years old and were woken up by harsh alarms in their upstairs apartment.
The couple called cam County police after finding signs of entry and later found that the charity jar was missing.
No other items were taken away.
"It's disgusting that someone will do this for a charity fund," Mo said . ".
"We don't know that the charity Bowl went in the first place.
We called the police.
The forensic doctor found the jar missing.
When we knew we were on CCTV
Mo admitted that she had a hard time falling asleep when she rested the next night.
Keep playing in her mind.
"I couldn't sleep that night," she said.
I sleep on the couch.
I know it's a bar, but it's your home.
You 'd find it strange to know someone came in.
Andy added: "The thing that made me most angry was that someone was taking a break to steal a jar from a charity.
This is meaningless.
"He explained that the bar's regulars have come together with the support of charities who lost their donations during the break --in.
The next night, a cake made by a staff member was pulled out and 100 was raised, while another woman called to give generously.
Andy said: "She gave us 200 to make up for the loss.
A spokesman for Cam County police said no one was arrested and added: "We are investigating the incident and will ask anyone with information to quote cf062 at 101
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