wal-mart's astounding shoplifting trap - box surveillance camera

by:Hanway     2019-09-15
wal-mart\'s astounding shoplifting trap  -  box surveillance camera
It took Al NormanIt a minute to find 57-year-
Old Vicky Carr has no crime of stealing from Wal-Mart StoresMart.
What is the real crime?
When they knew she was innocent, Mart got her through the lawsuit by seeking a lawsuit.
According to court documents filed in Florida, how did disabled mother Vicki Carll
Mart's approach to her is to file a lawsuit against the retailer over the Wal-Mart store theft.
A supermarket in Tampa two years ago.
Carl went to Wal-Mart in January 2, 2014.
A supermarket for dog food.
After browsing the aisle, Carl walked to the pet food aisle, put a large bag of dog food in the shopping cart, and picked up a box of flea drugs to read the instructions.
She noticed that the box of flea drugs had been opened.
The contents of the box seem to be still in there and are not disturbed.
Carll began walking for a while with flea medicine in his hand and read the instructions.
She realized that the drug was for a much bigger dog than her, so she put the box back on a nearby shelf.
Carl starts checking-
Pay for her dog food.
She doesn't know a Wal-Mart. Mart "floor-
Walker "has been following her in the distance.
According to the lawsuit, "the work of the Lou Walker. . .
Be careful about retail theft.
"Carl's complaint says Wal-Mart
Wal-Mart employees have an ulterior plan and motivation.
Carl seems to be the perfect victim.
"The complaint claims that Wal-Mart-
Mart loss prevention worker observed that Carll "picked up the box for the flea and tick medicine and watched her not hide when she put it back on the shelf. "The floor-
Walker "sneaked behind her and grabbed a box of flea and tick drugs from the shelf.
Carl has returned it.
"Then he went to the main entrance/exit area of the store and put himself on the bench outside the main door waiting for the Lady
Carll approached and hid the box of pet medicine, which could not be seen.
When Carl stood on the check
Outside the line, floor-
Walker "took out the personal dose from the medicine box and put it on the ground where he sat waiting for the lady's benchCarll.
"It will soon be understood that the seemingly inexplicable behavior of" workers "is actually part of a well-planned plan. . .
Frame an innocent shopper and have him arrested or "stopped" on the first day of work to please his WalmartMart employer.
When she passed the bench, the floor
Walker, "as soon as she passed, she jumped off his bench and fell directly behind her.
Then he "physically accosted" Carl on the sidewalk, "with all his strength and strength, physically grabbed Ms. Carl
Carl began to forcibly drag her back to the store and to a place next to the bench. "The floor-
Then the second Wal-Mart joined Walker.
Mart's staff also "lay down" on Vicki Carll and dragged her back to the bench in the store, "throwing Ms hard.
Drive the car to the ground
"The power of being thrown on the ground caught the attention of the lady.
Carl was in severe pain because she had
Back injury caused by car accidentThe take-down. . .
Madam, seriously deteriorated.
Carll's situation and caused her extra damage. " The floor-
Walker then "walked under the bench and pretended to find a dose of pet medicine scattered under the bench.
"Pretend surprise" on the floor"Loud Walkerand falsely -
Announced, madam.
Carl tried to hide the medicine in her sleeve and when she was forced to fall on the ground, she must have dropped it. " The Wal-
"Wal-Mart employees" falsely claimed that he witnessed
Carll takes and hides pet medications in the store.
He said he then "jumped a trap" for her and caught her in an attempt to steal a dose of pet medicine.
"Obviously don't know" on the floor"
However, Walker, "Wal-Mart
Mart maintains a security surveillance camera at the entrance to the store, recording the events of the day.
The video shows the floor.
Walker himself sat on a bench waiting for Carl to check out and took out the pet drug dose from the box.
According to the lawsuit, the video shows the floor-
Walker placed the drug dose on the ground under the bench.
Within an hour of the "forced demolition and false arrest plan", Wal-
Mart provided the "final proof Ms.
Carl's innocence and attempted
Responsible for employees
"Complaints against Wal-Mart
Mart "has no doubt" that Carll is innocent and that their own employees "falsely accused her and planted false evidence in support of false allegations. " Yet Wal-
Mart "took almost unintelligible steps to bring criminal charges and lawsuits against Ms. Carll.
According to the lawsuit, Wal-Mart
Matt "forced deliberately and recklessly
Carll went through the fear and humiliation of having to face criminal charges and forced her to live for a long time, fearing to be wrongly convicted because she was innocent.
"Carl" had to endure the humiliation that had been dealt with in the criminal justice system during the jury trial, "but soon the humiliation was overturned.
According to Channel 10 news/Tampa, the Hillsboro County jury "found Carl innocent in less than a minute ".
Carll's lawyer told Channel 10, "I 've never seen a case where I can think of the bad guys ---
In this case, Wal-MartMart employee --
It was actually found in the video where the evidence was implanted.
According to the complaint, Wal-Mart
Mart "allows its employees to testify under oath and falsely accuse Ms.
A theft at Wal-Mart.
Matt knows she's not guilty.
According to the lawsuit, Wal-Mart
Mart "apparently decided to end the criminal proceedings through a jury trial, only to try to protect itself from civil liability by not admitting the outrageous misconduct of its own employees.
Carl's lawyer said: "She was put in opposition.
She has never taken an anxiety medication before and is afraid to take it on public and social occasions. . . Ms.
Unless absolutely necessary, Carll no longer shop in public retail stores and shop online as much as possible.
"On Halloween, Carl's lawyer filed a petition at the 13 th Circuit Court in Hillsboro County, Florida, asking the jury to judge and compensate the defendant Wal-Mart --
Matt and two employees.
During his tenure at Wal-Mart, a jury member
Mart's initial prosecution of Carll told Channel 10 News that he "couldn't believe the state wasted time and money on the case.
After the jury acquitted Carll, Wal-
Mart made a statement that started with: "This is an unfortunate event in many ways.
"But retailers have not expressed remorse for what happened to Vicki Carll and have not accepted any accusations.
The well-planned trapping and prosecution was carried out on a $29 bottle of flea medicine, again proving Wal-Mart
Mart knows the price of everything. -
But nothing is worth it.
The expansion of Norman's founding --Busters.
His most recent book is Occupy Wal-Mart. Mart.
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