video shows garage collapsed in 2 waves - security camera protection box

by:Hanway     2019-09-11
video shows garage collapsed in 2 waves  -  security camera protection box
Security camera footage released by the hospital showed that part of the building garage that collapsed on Monday fell into two waves, and a section of concrete columns and beams collapsed first.
Shortly after the initial collapse, other pillars collapsed and the entire structure was destroyed.
The video was taken from a camera mounted on a lamppost, where you can see the scene, and the video shows an image of a parking lot with a concrete skeleton of the garage in the background.
The collapse injured two workers, one seriously.
The number of casualties could be much higher, but the emergency air horn at the construction site reminded 120 workers who fled the safe zone.
Hospital officials promised to be transparent to the public about the cause of the collapse.
"The garage project was closed before we finished our independent analysis of what happened --
Rest assured that this will not happen again, "said the company's vice president of facilities development and project management.
Officials from forensic engineers and city inspectors are investigating.
The garage is part of a $0. 9 billion expansion of the University Hospital.
A phase of the medical Avenue and the uzbach Road garage has almost been completed.
Part of the crash is the second stage of the early stage.
A consortium of construction companies is overseeing capital improvement projects at University Hospitals.
The project manager is Jacobs Engineering and the project manager on site is Broaddus & Associates and.
One message left was the University Hospital, who was also the project manager for the $0. 515 billion bond program at the San Antonio Independent School District.
The project director at Zachry Vaughn Layton said Tuesday that 12 to 15 pillars had collapsed.
Johnson said at a meeting of the university's health system management committee that the top of the column seemed to squeeze down.
Then, the pillars closest to the finished parking structure fall inward, as if pulled.
That could explain why observers reported hearing two crashes, he said.
Asked the board members.
If he feels too stressed to push the construction forward quickly, Webb said.
"We are moving forward as fast and as safe as possible," he replied . ".
According to the memorandum e-
On Monday evening, the assistant city manager is mailed to the members of the City Council and the garage is delivered by poured-in-
Reinforced concrete columns, prefabricated beams and beams supporting horizontalsite.
Webb said that the column feet were poured on site, and then prefabricated members were piled up on the top.
The pillars reached a height of six or seven floors and have not yet built any floors, Webb said.
Webb said contractors are preparing to build the pour-in-
Place slabs for the lower level of the parking lot.
Broadnax told City Council members in the memo: "When today's failure occurs, immediately send its building inspection supervisor to the site to determine the cause of the failure . ".
"The DSD has shown that the failure of this nature is either a failure of the structural design or a failure in the construction process.
At the moment, they don't know if this is a design or a construction failure.
Broadnax wrote: "Officials will not have a clear answer until more debris is cleared.
He also noted that buildings of this size were subject to more scrutiny in the city.
"This project is subject to special inspection and, therefore, under the guidance of a Texas Professional engineer hired by the owner, a special inspection company observed and approved the construction at all critical stages, broadnax wrote.
There was no reply to Broadnax's call on Tuesday.
There are different ways to build a large garage.
Bexar County is building a garage near the court but is building a frame floorby-
A county spokesman said it was on the first floor.
The garage of the University Hospital was first built with a frame, followed by a floor.
A spokesman for Weber and the University Hospital stressed that it was too early to speculate on the cause of the collapse, and they declined to comment on whether the floor would increase the stability of the structure.
"We don't want to guess, and we don't want to say things that may have rumors," Webb said . ".
"Because no one knows.
No one knows what caused it.
That's why we brought the forensic engineer out.
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