types of network security cameras - cctv dome housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-13
types of network security cameras  -  cctv dome housing
According to whether the network security camera is for indoor use only or for indoor and outdoor use only, the network security camera is divided into two categories.
The indoor camera is simpler than the outdoor security camera, because the indoor lighting conditions are more consistent and the physical needs are easier to handle.
Outdoor security cameras need to be protected from the external environment, and automatic aperture lenses are also required to adjust the amount of light on the lens.
Both indoors and outdoors, network cameras can be divided into smaller groups.
They are divided into fixed dome, PTZ Dome and PTZ Dome.
The fixed network security camera has a fixed view due to its installation position.
It needs to be installed in a clear line of sight, but usually it can also serve as a deterrent to allow the owner to want the camera in a clear line of sight.
Most models are designed to allow the lens to be replaced as needed.
The fixed dome camera is similar to the fixed camera except that it is pre-installed
Installed in a small dome case.
Its housing offers a more discreet option than fixing the camera.
Once the owner wants to change the lens, the limitation of the fixed dome camera can be realized.
Due to the design of the housing, it is often very difficult for the manufacturer to design a lens replacement, if not impossible.
They have different types of shells that protect it from vandals and other physical threats.
The PTZ camera or the PTZ Dome camera is a cool camera in the movie that can translate, tilt and zoom in and out.
The control can be automatic or manual, the command is sent through the same network cable as the video signal.
Unlike analog security cameras, no additional wiring is required.
The PTZ Dome network cameras are cool because they can cover very wide areas with all the flexibility in pan, tilt, zoom and flip motion.
That's what they call continuous translation, and the camera can tilt 180 degrees or 360 degrees.
Most are equipped with Auto Flip, which allows continuous flow when tracking people walking directly under the camera.
Instead of looking at the person upside down from the back, it will flip the image so that the operator doesn't even notice a change in direction.
Mechanical PTZ camera in non
Wide range of mechanical uses-
The angle lens captures an amazing wide view at a very high resolution.
They are not as interesting as mechanical equipment, but are not easy to wear and tear movable parts.
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