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types of condoms | the times of india  -  types of die casting
01/10 condoms have become the most basic sex products.
Don't define how they can protect you from accidental pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (
Sexually transmitted diseases)
, But the right type can actually add to the fun.
Today, the market is filled with a variety of condoms, and it is really daunting to choose the perfect one.
To get rid of your confusion and doubts, here we bring you a list of condoms, their effectiveness, and how different types of condoms can make your sensory experience the most exciting
There are 02/10 condoms that are most common.
They can prevent pregnancy and stretch well.
Latex condoms are the most widely used and the lowest price in all types.
They have different colors, textures, flavors, shapes and sizes.
The effectiveness of latex condoms is between 85 and 98.
But latex condoms should not be mixed with other oils and lubricants.
The oil can cause the condom to break or slide.
Use water or silicon
Based on lubricating oil if you feel you need it. 03/10Non-
Excuses for not using condoms.
If you or your person are allergic to latex then there is no
Latex condoms are also available on the market. Non-
Latex condoms are made of natural rubber, thin polyethylene.
It helps to block the virus with sperm.
Latex-free condoms are not only designed for people who are allergic to latex, but can be used by anyone who likes it.
If you are allergic to latex, then using a latex-free condom will give you more comfort and pleasure, which will make a big difference.
The 04/10 textured condom is perfect for increased stimulation and increased pleasure.
Some of the textured condoms have ribs, grooves, inlays and accents.
There are almost no raised ridges around the rib condom, which are strategically placed on top to create extra sexy sex.
Dotted line condoms specially designed raised points outside to increase the excitement and feel of the place you want.
A textured condom enhances sexual pleasure and intimacy.
Additional friction and greater stimulation evoke a deeper sexual response on both sides.
Some of the 05/10 anti-sperm condoms are coated with a killing lubricant, which helps to kill sperm.
Who pointed out that there was no difference in contraceptive effect between condoms with and without a killing coating.
This may be due to the fact that compared to the direct use of the anti-sperm agent, the number of anti-sperm agents on the killing condom is quite low.
Most men are allergic to this detergent-killing lubricant.
06/10 Tantric is the first condom in the world, it is made with a texture inspired by tattoos and feels good both inside and outside.
The exotic texture of Tanjong has three styles, gross profit, Titan and tribe, all tattoo designs.
They are all influenced by popular body art design and alternative philosophy.
These are considered the best if you want a beautiful penis.
A condom made of 07/10 sheepskin condomsThe's most natural condom.
Before introducing latex condoms, make condoms with the intestines of animals.
These condoms are usually made of sheepskin.
While this is not the safest option, the sensitivity offered by the lamb skin condom is attractive to many men.
These condoms are still available on the market.
They do not have synthetic and plant components, thus providing a great degree of sensitivity.
08/10 itchy condoms, as the name implies, can cause itching in the vagina, thus helping to arouse women.
The Tickler condom is either made of soft jelly or has a soft rubber tickler tip in a variety of styles.
These condoms are also novel, so they cannot provide protection against pregnancy or disease.
These can also be used by women using permanent birth control methods.
09/10 female condoms look like a soft elephant nose, not the most beautiful thing in the world.
Although they were launched in the market about 20 years ago, they are still one of the little-known methods of contraception.
When it comes to its effectiveness, they are a little less than male condoms.
They are also more expensive than male condoms, which is why they are not so popular.
Female condoms are much wider than male condoms and are good for people with latex allergies.
This condom emits 10/10 light in the dark, is designed with three layers, the middle layer with phosphorus pigment, the inside and outside two layers with latex, it will shine in the dark, it is also effective. Glow-in-
Dark condoms are thicker than regular condoms.
The phosphorus element used in it is completely safe and also contributes to long-term love --Do the meeting.
Although this is a novel product, they are as safe as regular condoms. Glow-in-
Dark condoms are fun alternatives to regular condoms. (
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