tips for selecting a video security system that meets your needs - diy outdoor security camera housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-05
tips for selecting a video security system that meets your needs  -  diy outdoor security camera housing
A good video surveillance system should be able to deter criminals, protect you when you go home, alert you to events, and provide conclusive evidence when things happen.
For a long time, your security camera system should be easy to install, easy to use, and will definitely give you some bragging rights, say, "They chose the wrong place.
"Unfortunately, a lot of people blindly buy video surveillance camera systems from consultants, dealers or websites, often with regrets.
To make sure this doesn't happen to you, this guide shows how to choose the right video surveillance system for your app.
It will provide you with key points to consider that will reveal your real needs and help you choose the right gear to meet your needs and lifestyle.
The first question people ask when they buy a video security camera system is "How many surveillance cameras do I need?
"It's a good question, but I have to tell you from my personal experience --
It doesn't matter how many or a few security cameras you have.
It is important that you determine who is coming and going and document their activities while visiting your facility. 1.
If your funds are limited, then I strongly recommend that your monitoring system be able to clearly identify people as they come and go.
If something notable happens to your home or company, you will most likely know.
The only question you need to answer is: "Who did it?
"If you know who is coming and going, it's very simple to figure out who is in most cases.
In order to have a good identification of people or vehicles, you must identify bottlenecks and possible avenues in your business.
The so-called bottleneck, I mean the area of your home, business or property that anyone or thing that wants to enter must pass through.
It's clear that doors, windows, doors, parking lot entrances, etc are all good examples. . .
Video security cameras dedicated to these bottlenecks will put photos of the bad guy's mug in your hands before you have to let the police step in.
I also suggest you think for a minute like a criminal.
How will you enter your home or property if you are a thief?
Will your approach be different between day and night?
What areas are your neighbors least visible to the property?
The results of this exercise will confirm the number of security cameras you need to rest easily and may surprise you. 2.
Having enough video security cameras to provide an overview of the campaign is often not an option for businesses.
There are too many examples to record what's going on.
A simple example is shop theft.
According to the laws of most states, it must be observed that the suspect actually hides an item and leaves the threshold of the building before the activity is considered a crime.
In addition, more importantly, a record of activities in your home or business premises will help protect you from "slipping" charges, as well as other litigation activities that may occur on your property.
In the residential area, the use of surveillance cameras can see the vast area, which usually provides some very valuable clues that cannot be identified, such as driving direction, vehicle description, identification of associates and neighbors who may witness the crime.
In many cases, you can get many of these important details by simply installing four additional cameras around the house.
Security is another common reason to have a security camera provide an overview of your property.
It is a great comfort to be able to watch the children play in the pool, trampoline or yard while knowing that they are safe and have a good time. 3.
When I negotiate with the client, I prefer to use the sketch of the hotel
Even if this is a familiar place for me.
A simple hand drawn sketch would work, but it would be more helpful to draw a proportional sketch if possible.
This sketch helps to determine the view of the security camera, ensure that the coverage overlap (if required), or obtain a second opinion from the consultant.
So, when you measure your property and write down the location of the video surveillance camera on the sketch, you'll be glad you did.
Video security cameras after you first narrow down where you need a security camera, you also make it easy for yourself to figure out which of the thousands of surveillance cameras works best for each location.
Here are a few things to consider when choosing a body armor: camera lens selection of a safe camera with the right lens size is the most critical decision to obtain a clear and suspicious identity.
A camera with the right lens will have a good effect.
Even when used with a camera that performs mild.
Lens size in mm.
The larger the number, the security camera will have more telephoto or zoom capabilities.
Give you a simple and easy to use reference-
One of your eyes is roughly the same as the 3mm surveillance camera.
About 90 degrees.
So when you measure the position of the camera, closing one eye usually tells you what the surveillance camera of the 3mm lens will see.
Use a lens with a higher millimeter (focal length)
Will give you a stricter injection.
For a more scientific approach, measure the distance between the camera and the area to be viewed.
Next, measure the width and height of the area to view.
Type this information into the lens calculator (
Easy to find online)
Find the recommended lens size for your app.
Today, some of our more popular security cameras are built in
Zoom lens.
These zoom lenses are sometimes called zoom lenses, covering a variety of popular focal lengths and shell styles.
If it's not ready for some reason-
Provide cameras that meet your exact needs, then combine traditional security cameras with CS-
Install lenses for your app.
Security camera style the style of the security camera you choose is more important than the stylish look, though aesthetics should definitely be considered.
Some camera styles are more suitable for specific installation locations, while others may be more versatile.
Another important consideration is to protect against these factors.
Environment and crime.
Whatever the style of your app, almost all of the security camera styles offer similar features --
So it shouldn't be a limiting factor.
There is no doubt that traditional security cameras and traditional surveillance cameras, such as box cameras or fixed cameras, are the oldest types (
So tradition)
Still the most popular.
These fixed cameras actually have thousands of different lenses available, which makes them useful for everything like home/business security, border enforcement, or even covert surveillance operations.
There are a variety of shells available for vandal-
Proofing and/or weather-
These video security cameras were also proofread.
Also, because these types of cameras are easy to identify, they can act as a good deterrent
This should be a major goal for most security applications.
Dome security cameras have become more and more popular in the past few years and can be equipped with all the fancy features like 3-
Shaft interior camera adjustment, zoom lens and infrared lighting for night vision.
One reason CCTV Dome cameras are so popular is that they can be installed indoors, outdoors, below the topHang on the wall. . .
Almost anywhere.
Their zoom lens provides the right view for the choking point, their 3-
Axis positioning options make it easy to get overhead or walls-
Install the shooting you want.
In addition, Dome surveillance cameras are less recognizable as they tend to blend into the environment, which may give you a better chance of getting good facial recognition.
Dome cameras, bullet cameras or lipstick cameras like bullet cameras provide almost all the features you want like cameras, including remote infrared lighting (for see-in-the-
Dark ability in longer distance)
Very powerful zoom lens.
Most lipstick cameras are best mounted vertically on walls or poles.
The PTZ camerasPTZ security camera allows you to remotely control the pan, tilt, and zoom functions.
This allows you to adjust your lens while the action is in progress, and thanks to the advanced features most dvr offers these days, you can remotely investigate your property from anywhere in the world.
Even if you just want to use your video security system to stop criminal activity, I always recommend enhancing your system with at least one well-placed hidden camera. Why?
Criminals were trained to find public cameras in homes and businesses.
Painting, cutting cables, physical abuse or-
They can simply avoid it.
The hidden camera can't say that either.
Only you know where they are.
Concealed cameras are a great choice for bottleneck locations and have a variety of ready-made
Make forms for indoor and outdoor needs.
The classic case of the traditional box camera failure is bank and store robbery.
Do criminals know there are cameras in those places? Yes!
They probably don't care much about security cameras.
The job is handled by a simple hooded jersey.
A concealed camera placed on a door or path close to the height of the eye will overcome this problem and make your institution or home a place not to be destroyed.
The possibility of crime rises as night falls, and like you, the camera needs proper lighting to see.
Most dome and bullet cameras come with built-in cameras
Lighting in infrared. Infrared (IR)
Lighting is invisible to the human eye, but very obvious to most security cameras.
In essence, IR has a hidden effect.
Because the lights are almost invisible, the camera can be hard to spot for criminals who don't know how to get out of sight
Allows for better identification.
Effective lighting without light pollution is also an additional benefit of infrared lighting
A hot topic recently.
However, IR will not act as a deterrent.
To help scare off the bad guys, adding visible floodlights to your property is definitely worth a pound of treatment, the motion detection feature will save power and help reduce light pollution.
Whichever lighting option you choose, I suggest you use the lighting generously and position it strategically to make sure you make the most of the power of the camera.
For analog cameras, the resolution is measured in vertical lines, from 380 or less, and up to 700 for some black and white cameras.
For digital cameras, the resolution is measured in pixels.
No matter what technology, the higher the resolution, the more detailed your photos will be.
Of course, putting your camera in the right position, finding the right lens and providing light for your camera is more than half the battle.
But when you capture events at home or in your business, you will want to have all the technical advantages you have.
The additional 100 lines of resolution can really play a role in avoiding legal proceedings and in rapidly arresting offenders.
Law enforcement has agreed that higher resolution security cameras are needed.
Unfortunately, they have a lot of first-hand experience with disappointed crime victims, and they invest in cameras that are several grades more than virtual cameras that shoot events, but no clear enough images were provided to identify the suspect.
In fact, jurisdictions across the country are enforcing
Security camera-
Resolution up to 480 lines.
Thankfully, 480 lines are common these days-
And very affordable.
What is the Lux rating?
Short and sweet, the lower the number, the better the camera will see at night.
The low lux level security camera takes full advantage of all available light such as flood lights, street lights, infrared lighting, etc.
0 camera.
0 lux low light rating can be seen in full darkness (
This is often the case when using infrared lighting).
The recorder of the digital video recorder CCTV system is indeed the core of the video security system and will play a key role in your overall purchase satisfaction.
Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when choosing the right DVR to power the video surveillance system.
The future proves that the most common mistake I 've seen people make over the years when buying digital video recorders is choosing video recorders with too few channels (
Port of camera).
Buyers who invest in basic video security systems for the first time usually choose a four-channel DVR.
This is completely understandable.
Because the four cameras are usually enough to cover the entrance points and high sensitive areas of an institution.
But people will soon find that more cameras are needed.
Whether it's increasing coverage or adding a hidden camera to the system-
Finally, I bought a second DVR.
In many cases, the smarter choice is the recorder that allows the extension.
I suggest that if you feel that you only need four cameras today, consider a secure DVR that accepts eight camera inputs in total --
Just plug in any extra camera you need to expand in the future.
The low price difference between 4 and 8 Camera digital video recorders usually does not make the cost too high.
Frame rate today's computer processing power allows real-time
Record a TIME video on all channels of the Security DVR.
So don't waste precious money on B.
Rate recorder, give you only a few frames per second on each channel, leave you sub-
Best video evidence and may miss a key part of the ongoing action.
To determine if the digital video recorder will actually record
Time, divided by the ad frame rate (i. e. 480 FPS)
Number of channels (i. e. 16).
In this case, each channel is able to record 30 frames per second (FPS).
30 frames per second is considered realtime video.
For businesses, I always recommend maximizing the amount of memory (
Or storage capacity)
Digital video recorder that can be used. Here's why. . .
Businesses need to not only worry about the threat of store theft and violent crime, but also capture the activities of employees --
Research by the World Health Organization shows that a company has lost as much as 47%.
Employee theft can occur within a week, sometimes for a longer period of time.
It is very powerful to retrieve a fair account, especially when investing enough memory to store this data.
In addition to theft, more and more business owners/managers have been using their video security system to monitor customer interactions to ensure positive customer service.
Stored video can be a powerful training tool for customer satisfaction.
Homeowners should also seriously consider small investments in additional memory.
Most of the problems faced by homeowners, however, often surface faster and require less video evidence to be saved to review what is happening.
For example, if a house is robbed, most homeowners will be alerted within a few hours.
I suggest you carefully select the memories you need to fit your schedule and lifestyle.
If you travel a lot, make sure your recorder has enough memory to record events throughout the duration.
When considering the system, the function that PlaybackAn is often overlooked is the effect and ease of DVR playback of video.
Make sure that the digital video recorder you purchase can display the video frame by frame, which is usually done with the "jog and shuttle" function.
This is very important when trying to capture tiny details, such as identifying faces, clothes, or license plates that move quickly on the screen.
Offloading ensures that the offloading function of the DVR meets the needs of law enforcement.
You should be able to quickly download video evidence to a disc or USB and be able to provide a video in it. AVI (or similar)
Formats that allow playback on almost any computer without the need for special software.
Once the location of the camera is selected, you must determine the best location for the recording device.
Here are a few things to keep in mind: Staying safe on any offender's list is to avoid and/or eliminate video evidence.
In order to prevent criminals from destroying your security recorder, at least it should be placed in an invisible place and not in mind.
I highly recommend putting your in a safe room, preferably in a DVR/VCR lock box.
Make sure the recorder is close to the network device.
One of the main benefits of today's video recorder is the ability to monitor remotely.
Therefore, it makes sense to put the DVR in the server room of the enterprise or near the home network router to take full advantage of remote monitoring.
Make sure the DVR is in a good position for power service.
Keep in mind that you also need to provide a secure power supply for your security monitor and security camera.
In addition, it is wise to use UPS (
Uninterrupted power supply)
, Make sure that your recorder and camera continue to operate during power failure and provide protection against Brown output (low supply)
And surge (
Over-voltage (such as lightning strikes).
When connecting the camera to the recorder, two basic things must always be done :(1)
Get the power of the camera, and (2)
Get the video signal to the tape recorder.
It's more direct to power your camera.
There are two general options for sending video signals to a recorder: wired and wireless.
For permanent installation, I strongly recommend hard wiring of the camera, which is why the most preferred way to connect the camera.
High quality wiring eliminates video interference, makes the video safer and not intercepted, and only needs little or no maintenance if done right.
Or, I have to say, there will be more work done with cable, but I can say with confidence that you will be happy that you put your time in.
When selecting cables, stay away from many cheap DIY cables that degrade over time, perform poorly at high resolution and are not durable during installation.
For professional installation, it is agreed that it is a good Siam cable.
The name of the Siam cable comes from two cables, one is a coaxial video cable and the other is a power cable.
The Siam cable has a bulk volume of 500,1000 to choose from, and the length of the cable can also be 100 'or less, and video connectors and power connectors have been installed for convenience.
For professional cable installation, you will need some or all of the following tools: I am hesitant to recommend wireless installation for the above reasons.
Some applications, however, run cables at high cost, are not fast or easy to install, or the cables need to be hidden better.
I do give a thumbs up for those occasions.
When using the wireless network, the following three points need to be considered: interference-
Find out if there are any RF devices in your property or nearby that will interfere with your video transmission.
The most common source of interference now is wireless Wi-Fi routers.
802 if you are using.
11b or g operated on 2.
4GHz frequency, then make sure to use the video transmitter running on 5.
8GHz frequency or vice
If your wireless Wi-
The Fi router is 802. 11a or n. Obstructions -
For equal comparison, the wireless transmitter is rated for the line at the site range.
If your app allows the transmitter and receiver to "see" each other, then you should go through a similar range of references.
If your installation needs to be transmitted through heavy construction materials (
Such as concrete)
And then reduce the range by at least half. Power -
While you can send the video signal of the camera to the recorder with a wireless transmitter, you still need to supply it via hard wiring, battery power or solar power.
This can sometimes damage your main target of remotely locating the wireless camera or hiding all the wires.
Remote monitoring one of the biggest attractions of having a CCTV system is the ability to remotely monitor your property from a computer or manually via the Internet
Handheld devices can be in half of the world or in several rooms.
In addition to real-time monitoring, you can also watch recorded videos, back up important video files, receive email alerts for campaigns, and download video evidence.
Given these advanced features, there is no need to dedicate resources
Monitor the website of your system and events.
This is not only convenient, but also allows you to hide the recording equipment, safe and reliable.
Due to the bandwidth required to transmit video data, the prerequisite for remote monitoring is high-speed Internet services, as well as routers with available Ethernet ports-
Features provided by most internet service providers.
Installation Tips, testing the most important tips I can provide is to test all devices before installation
This works for your camera, dvr, monitor, etc. . .
At the very least, you will be familiar with the gears before you stand on the ladder.
You can also prepare the camera to avoid simple errors or common negligence that may occur on the ladder.
Getting the right tool day video surveillance camera is designed for years of reliable operation.
With this in mind, you should invest in having the right tools to make the work fast, simple and complete on the first time.
Borrow that extended ladder to position the camera properly
A correct overview of your area, and below eves for ascetics.
Make the installation something that you or your business is proud.
Remember to use support if you have a problem;
Contact your consultant or technical support.
Chances are you're not the only one with a similar problem.
The security provider you trust can help you find the best and easiest solution.
Be prepared for a crime and you need to be prepared. . .
Whether it is the installation of the appropriate monitoring equipment or the preparation in person to manage the situation.
Make sure you and the people you trust are very familiar with the operation of your CCTV system.
Almost all events require quick action and a high level of concentration.
So be familiar with some key operations, such as burning video evidence to a DVD.
This should be second nature before the event occurs.
Your gear checks your system at least once a month.
In addition to testing the key features, pull each camera and make sure they run the way you want them to, and still capture the right view.
Remote login from time to time;
This way you can easily monitor your home or business remotely so that your insurance will not fail if you need to leave town.
If a crime occurs, having the following supplies nearby will make your life easy: no matter where you buy your system, I sincerely hope you find these tips useful.
In my experience, being educated and prepared will have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your security system.
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