they care a lot - security camera housing dome

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they care a lot  -  security camera housing dome
Now, there's some real
Life police/"New York police blue" consultant (
Or fireman/"third observation" consultant or regional lawyer/"practice" consultant)
Kick himself because he gave all the good material to people like Dick Wolfe and David E. Kelley.
Boston 24/7 premiered on Tuesday and will continue until June 12 as a result of ABC journalists spending three months filming civil servant selection in North Town.
A little messy, but fascinating six
The parts series records the life of the city's "nameless hero ---
As described in ABC's news material ---
From Mayor Thomas Menino to the local rat catcher.
In the course of six hours, we followed a murder detective called "Sir". Homicide"; a sunny, one-Armed carers;
A passionate prosecutor, a terrible rape. torture case; a second-
A generation of firefighters who lost their father;
The amiable principal of one of the city's toughest high schools; a platinum-
"Quiet Night" tabloid reporter;
Warm but still green D. A.
In a losing streak;
An energetic victim advocate who is not afraid to tell abused women what she thinks about their boyfriends.
The thing about these heroes is that stories like them have been sung in every high schoolpitched, nerve-
From here to the play of Burbank.
If it's true
The life versions of these prototypes are just like what a freshman English teacher did when students thought Shakespeare was a cliché, and you can't blame them.
The series is a bit deja vu so that you may even find yourself mentally throwing away the mixed description of shorthand, such as the screenwriter who drank too much caffeine at a pitch.
It was the "police" who met the "West Wing "!
Is "er" in line with "CSI "!
"Boston Public" and "crossing the Jordan" meet!
"Boston 24/7" was produced by Terence Wrong, senior producer of ABC News and executive producer Rudy bednal, the behind-the-scenes team of the award-
Hopkins 24/7 win
"Given that the series offers
Learn more about John Hopkins Medical Center, one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the United States, and Boston 24/7 is ambitious to take over Boston's entire human infrastructure.
The result was a rather impressionist portrait of urban professional life.
For example, the series is over before the most terrible cases are tried, and some topics make you want them to have their own series, although they are unlikely to be re-examined in this series.
However, this is the loose part-
With amazing judgment and terrible diagnosis-
Distinguish these stories from fictional stories.
As the homicide detective pointed out after arresting a man suspected of murder and beheading his brother, the murder case is more difficult than the one that appears on television.
"The police showed where their people were after 20 minutes ---
That's nonsense.
As for the excavation of the violent's psychological motives: "You must dig Freud out of the grave and ask him.
"Like Freud's cracks," Boston 24/7 "feels fresh compared to a string of high-tech
The end drama that constitutes most Network prime --time lineups.
For almost one person, subjects treat their work with a sense of humor and a charming wry smile detachment.
As a result, the series is very light on professional histrionics and heavy on great lines.
Check some bloody socks used to tie up rape at the forensic office.
Victim of torture, prosecutor Mary Kelly said, "I would be very thin if I worked here because I told you that I only had Diet Coke for lunch today.
A young firefighter explained why he decided to join the fire department after his father died from the fire, saying, "every fireman wants to put out the fire.
That's why we run around in a red truck.
"When President Chuck McAfee found a student trying to slide the gun over the school's metal detector in a situation where the security camera was clearly visible, he said with a smile about his work," Sometimes it's fun!
"As a chef, the rat catcher is a little disturbing moonlight, and he applies his food emotion to pest control.
"I don't like cheese," he said . "
"I don't think mice like cheese.
Because I like spicy sausages, I think rats like spicy sausages.
"Boston 24/7" has been criticized for its narrow view of the host city, and what Boston has encountered here is really just a shabby city code.
It can be anywhere but not anywhere good. The crack-
The view of the House and the court can make the series feel depressed and claustrophobic-
Even if high school looks like a prison--
In addition to a chef at the top of the city --
At the end of the restaurant, the theme of the program is almost entirely selected from the work department that is most likely to need to deal with blood and body. (
We soon found out that the chef had been included in the paramedics and the drug Department detectives because she had previously been in-
Venture youth stand out from the worst housing projects in the city. )
Maybe the real problem is the title of the episode.
Better might be "selfless workaholic 24/7" or "work you won't dream of doing", but, thank God, someone who has done 24/7 "or" is more loyal and enthusiastic than you are 24/7.
"Even if some jobs are not as noble as others ---
Sometimes the mayor's main job duties seem to be at odds with the media, and his press secretary has devoted himself to the task --time --
The section "24/7" is correct. The young D. A.
In the first few months of his work, he failed and angered the judge and the boss.
But that's not a reason to be afraid of the system.
After all, he is committed and committed to improvement.
The real reason to worry about the system is that he had to shift his shifts several times in the evening to cover up his law --school loans.
Unlike professionals in other industries in real life, such as the characters in Fashion Network, the characters in Boston 24/7 don't have much time to fashion --
Related neurasthenia
These people are really working.
However, as a work, Boston 24/7 is too slick to be completely convincing, and its theme is too consistent, so much so that we can't believe that something as comprehensive as Boston 24/7 is really presented here.
There is no bad policeman among the gang.
While the impact of local poverty on a community provides almost all the material, there is not much attention, and without it, prosecutors do not have a job.
Neither the victims of crime nor poverty get a big say, even if they suggest --
The story is heartbreaking.
For example, in a scene, a high school boy, after a meeting designed to improve their "communication", swore violently to the teacher and put his fist into the window.
But his anger at the teacher's condescending tone is more convincing than any social worker.
The series begins with a serious lack of impressive notes--
The city faces the threat of a "storm of the century" and the mayor must decide whether to put more snow plows on the street.
These stories are chosen mainly for their shocking appeal and feel disconnected throughout the process.
Still, the overall feeling that "Boston 24/7" inspires is the awe and respect for its theme, their commitment, their dedication and their incredibly stable nerves.
Producers may not get too much sunlight into this cycle, but that's "hard-
Television news and audience attraction.
One police officer pointed out, "people don't call 911 and say that when he was a boy, his own father was taken away by the police, can you send a police officer over? We're having a Christmas party.
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