the 'ugly israeli' tourist - now in eilat - security camera box

by:Hanway     2019-09-14
the \'ugly israeli\' tourist - now in eilat  -  security camera box
Judging from video clips that have recently been shown on social media networks, Israelis are not completely relaxed and carefree even on vacation: This week, a few days after a video was released, israeli passengers on a flight to Varna were almost hit by a flight attendant on duty --
Free Chocolate, a new explanation
Bin Laden's video showed the resort in Erat attacking and insulting hotel staff.
Two brothers-Asaf and Aaron bairri from Moshav Ahisamah-and their family spent the weekend at the U suite hotel in Erat, where they parked the two cars to the disabled.
The hotel staff asked the brothers several times to move the car, but they refused to do so, arguing that they had complied with the Sabbath and were therefore unable to drive.
They also refused to provide disability cards.
The hotel's guests abused the staff and after the guests refused to vacate the parking space, the hotel's deputy security officer decided to double the parking space
"Lock the door of their room," a hotel employee recalled on Sunday . ".
"The hotel room has an electronic lock and an ordinary lock that prevents guests from entering the room even if they have a key card.
"These families went back to their room and found out they couldn't get in.
"They came to the reception and quarreled loudly, threatening to commit personal violence," the employee recalled . ".
The incident ended after being interrogated by the police on Saturday night and the brothers left the hotel.
The violence was captured on the hotel's security cameras and mobile phones, presumably the phone of a hotel guest who later posted the video on Facebook.
The video shows the two brothers charging the security officer.
One of them picked up the hotel's feedback box and threatened to throw it to him if he refused to open their room.
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