the olympus stylus tough - a waterproof camera with attitude - waterproof cctv camera housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-06
the olympus stylus tough - a waterproof camera with attitude  -  waterproof cctv camera housing
There is no doubt that Olympus Stylus Tough is an underwater digital camera capable of providing excellent flexibility.
Its dependence includes a drop from a height of about 5 feet to an underwater level of about 16 feet and resilience to temperatures of about 14 degrees Fahrenheit.
It is specially designed to withstand the rigors of adventure that can be placed on the camera, and to keep the adventurer within the distance of the distance point and the opportunity to shoot.
It has 14 pixels, providing high-quality images for static photos and video clips.
It offers 5 times the digital and optical zoom and offers a range of 28 to 140mm, the same as the 35mm basic photography.
The stylish and updated styling of the series provides aesthetic pleasure, and users can appreciate their grip as much as they appreciate the scratch-resistant shell.
Olympus Stylus Tough is equipped with a standard built-in flash.
It may be designed to be powerful, but users can still tuck it into their pockets for easy carrying.
For the convenience of the user, the interface has actually been simplified and the simplification has been rewarded.
The large LCD screen provides users with easy-to-read and enabled icons.
The 29 different modes provide users with a wide variety of picture and video options to create the best possible photos from this point, and then click on the numbers under the water camera.
The sound quality of video performance is better than most.
The image quality of the video capacity is the same even in most cases.
The camera has easy-to-use internal flash and fully operational internal features that can be kept safe during underwater adventures or outdoor adventures.
Users can then switch to manual scaling for other adventures and maintain a higher picture quality.
To increase the underwater security of the camera, the port is moved to the back of the camera and then sealed behind a door.
There are multiple sealing points at the bottom of some other models.
The more sealing points, the more likely people will be to turn on the camera or forget when the camera will be launched.
The sealing door system on the back of the camera and the internal zoom option can prevent the camera from being exposed when it is used underwater.
Olympus Stylus Tough's excellent resolution and easy-to-use features are all well combined to form a sturdy housing that can withstand pressure beyond the normal use of a digital camera.
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