the nema case understanding the nema and ip rating systems - the need ...

by:Hanway     2019-08-21
As I'm sure most people know, electricity and water can't be well combined.However, dust is as harmful to electrical components as water.The size of the dust varies from tiny air particles to larger particles falling and attached to any object.Dust can also be made up of any material, from benign skin cells in household dust to conductive metals and liquid particles that can damage electrical equipment.Dust is also a bad habit of clogging the filter and acting as an insulator to cause the machine to overheat and fail.Dust and water are often found together in industrial environments, which is why electrical equipment manufactured to operate under conditions has been rated by the European Commission for electrical engineering standards (CENELEC) and the International Commission for electrical engineering (IEC ).The European IP level is a digital standard that gives a level of protection for electrical equipment.The IP level is two.Digital numbers a separate digital code for each number to represent protection, the lower the number, the lower the protection, the higher the number, the worse the environment it can withstand.The first number represents the protection against dust, and the second number represents the protection against water.For example, a computer cabinet that meets the level of protection will be a cabinet that may have the highest protection level (dust IP level from 0 to 6), while also providing medium to high levels of waterproof protection, protect the equipment from water spray, but not in water (water protection from 0 protection to 8 protection ).Although in most cases, the higher the number of using a single ascending order number (13 are the highest), the higher the level of protection provided.Although some levels, such as providing a protection level similar to the level, do provide additional resistanceCorrosion protection (in most cases, the unit housing will be stainless steel, not carbon steel, and therefore be able to be used for food preparation and manufacturing ).While many manufacturers produce professional equipment with IP grade, the easiest solution for most industrial environments is to use IP grade protection cabinets or Japanese-grade protection cabinets for devices.IP or Japanese 4 industrial computer cabinet combined with IP rated or Japanese rated printer housing and industrial mouse and waterproof dust-proof keyboard will provide the same protection as IP rated or Japanese 4 industry except computer cabinet outside, the computer can be replaced and upgraded flexibly.
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