the lynx effect - outdoor enclosure

by:Hanway     2019-09-17
the lynx effect  -  outdoor enclosure
These cute cubs showcase their bobcat effects at the famous Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland.
The furry couple plopped, rolled and climbed trees in the outdoor enclosure, attracting crowds after a big swing.
This is the first adventure of three Northern Bobcats, only three months.
They are the fourth group of pups born of female Dima and male conversion.
Head keeper Luna Richardson said: "watching the Cubs fight, run and roll each other in the fence makes it easy to understand why they have quickly become a favorite for employees and tourists in the past few weeks.
"They 've been putting on a pretty good show, especially when they're feeding, and they often play terriers and pounce on every part of the meat-as big as themselves.
"This species is not on the verge of extinction, but has been extinct in many parts of Europe due to illegal hunting.
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