the ‘human warehouse’ where benefits families cram into single rooms with ex-convicts and druggies as neighbours - small cctv camera housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-10
the ‘human warehouse’ where benefits families cram into single rooms with ex-convicts and druggies as neighbours  -  small cctv camera housing
Hundreds of vulnerable families have been "abandoned" in former office buildings, living in former small rooms
Criminals and drug addicts in isolated areas.
The children living in the "Rabbit's nest" apartment in Essex Harlow called themselves "children in the office building ".
Hundreds of families were arranged by Parliament in London and surrounding areas to live in Harlow's old office building.
They were crammed into crowded rooms in buildings only a few miles away from schools, shops, public transport and health services.
Harlow's Conservative MP, Robert haffin, said the London parliament had carried out "social cleansing" of their residents and packed hundreds of "troubled families" into his constituency.
On May 2013, the ministers changed the rules to transform the office into housing without planning permission
This policy has been hit a lot.
The impact on towns such as Harlow.
Unless there are clear concerns about issues such as flooding or pollution, local councils cannot control these developments.
Danny Purton, the holder of the Harlow Council environmental portfolio, compared the use of the Home Office area to "human warehousing.
Harlow's terminal is one of the former office buildings where people are placed.
Family of nine-
Floor 1960 between drug addicts and former drug addictscons.
Crime has soared since the building was converted into more than 200 apartments in April 2018.
Police figures show that in the first 10 months after people moved in, the crime inside the terminal rose by 45 in that part of the city center (
Radius within 500)
Nearly 20 per cent-
More than 500 incidents
Compared to the first 10 months
There were more than 100 incidents involving violence or sexual offences.
Residents said it was terrible to live in the house at the main station, where 25 people were recently released from prison.
Melanie Smith told the BBC: "It's terrible.
You don't know who's outside the door.
"Any argument that happens is always happening outside the door.
You often hear them banging the door where they fight.
"The wall next to me --
I had to clean up the blood two weeks ago.
Three-child mom, Kylie Ian Gou. year-
The old boy was arranged by the Epping committee at the terminal.
"It was a nightmare," she said.
I don't care if people want to sit in the room too much.
But not next to my son.
They laughed for a minute.
They're fighting next minute.
Caridon Property, its owner, insists that it provides "good service" and does everything possible to protect the safety of its residents.
It noted that nearly 100 CCTV cameras cover the residential area.
The company also owns the temple fields House in Harlow, which consists of 180 apartments.
According to The Guardian, planning documents show that some apartments are only 18 square meters.
The national space standard specifies the minimum building area for new buildingsbedroom one-
Private residential area of 37 m² square meters.
However, these minimum sizes are not mandatory.
Sophie Odel, 28, and her partner, as well as two children, Live in the Templefields House, and she told Essex Live in May 2018 that she was "struggling" to Live in the "little" apartment.
"My bed is in my living area," she said. . . [my son’s]
The bed is in my kitchen and my daughter's bed is in the living room.
Sophie said she had to take her son out of the nursery because it was too far away from the nursery and added: "There is a very busy road nearby.
The huge truck rushed down.
She added: "Even simple things like walking to the store or spending time together are not possible.
I want to cook a barbecue for my family.
"I put my son on the bed at 7 and my partner and I sat in the dark until the next day because we didn't want to wake them up.
According to its website, Caridon is managed by Mario carroso, who "created a self
The value of the real estate portfolio is more than 100 ".
A spokesman for the company said: "As a business, Caridon is still very proud of our work --
On-site management team completed in one day-to-
Help some of the most vulnerable people in society.
When we have a vacant property and most of our residents in Harlow are from the area, Harlow Council and all the other hosting areas always offer the preferred choice.
"Our house is not intended as a permanent residence, but as a stepping stone as part of a wider housing journey.
Another option for many of our residents is in guest houses or B & B rooms where their space, security and privacy will be reduced or left homeless.
Successive government changes in housing and welfare mean that, due to the lack of capacity in parliament and housing associations, the private sector is increasingly responsible for providing such housing.
"While there were some problems with our building, some events were exaggerated, distorted, or occurred a few months ago.
We always work fully with the Essex Police, we have a good relationship with the Essex Police, share information and intelligence on a regular basis, and adopt a zero tolerance attitude towards the drug trade.
We are an award.
This is recognition of our commitment to quality service and professional management.
Most of our tenants are legal.
Feel long and happy about the accommodation they get.
"We look forward to continuing to do the work we are doing and making a real contribution to resolving the housing crisis, which requires the construction of more housing of all types and deadlines.
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