the front page podcast: nz-china relationship gets frostier as exports delayed, tourism threatened - outdoor camera housing with heater and blower

by:Hanway     2019-09-13
the front page podcast: nz-china relationship gets frostier as exports delayed, tourism threatened  -  outdoor camera housing with heater and blower
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Today we are having problems with China's exports and tourism, teachers are forced to live with principals due to the housing crisis and discover a Queensland fruit fly, it was this that led to a ban on every Burger King in New Zealand for a group of unruly tourists.
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Samford, New Zealand's largest seafood exporter, has had problems getting salmon through Chinese ports. At the same time, more and more people suspect that China is adding pressure to the country due to Huawei's legend.
Sandford has not blamed the recent administrative problems on the deteriorating New Zealand --
China relations, but chief customer officer Andre gachulo said the issues have affected several batches of fresh salmon since the end of last month without giving any reason.
China is the largest export market for many New Zealand primary products, including dairy products, seafood and kiwi.
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According to figures released today, China's tourism industry is 7. 3 per cent -
More than double the market.
But reports of tensions between Wellington and Beijing worried the industry.
The English version of the People's Daily says New Zealand has lost favor with some Chinese tourists.
The newspaper is considered the mouthpiece of the Chinese government.
The newspaper quoted a traveler as saying that he saved more than $3200 to come here, but later gave up his plan.
The article also pointed out that New Zealand is no longer the top 10 destination for Chinese tourists.
As of last September, the consumption of Chinese tourists had increased to more than $1. 6 billion.
However, the minister of tourism is not worried about our claim that Chinese tourists are out of favor.
Davis said he was not worried about the number of Chinese tourists.
Trevor Lee, managing director of Trafalgar Consulting, a veteran in China's travel market to New Zealand and Australia, said China could turn off the taps for tourists.
China does not like to lose face, he said, as long as there is face, the relationship can be repaired.
Lee said former Prime Minister John Key personally welcomed China Southern's maiden flight on the tarmac at Auckland Airport eight years ago, giving China "the highest level of face"
For more information on this story, please click here, which is the subject of a fascinating interview echoed by the Herald Series economic center, which gave an exclusive extended interview to Beijing
David Ma Hong, New Zealand businessman.
He has lived and worked in China since 1984. New Zealand's relations with China have deteriorated to the point where we may now face political retaliation, and our exporters may face border difficulties, which we are deeply concerned about.
'We had a very good relationship with the Chinese government before, 'he said.
But he believes the situation has reversed over the past 12 months.
Mahon said the information from the New Zealand government was not clear enough.
'We didn't discuss Huawei's concerns with Beijing until it was announced publicly, and now China feels it can't trust us, 'he said.
For more information on this story, please click here and all of this is the cause of the problem because China is our biggest trading partner.
Since 2008, when global giants signed a free trade agreement with New Zealand, the agreement has been gradually introduced to increase trade facilitation.
China is now New Zealand's largest trading partner, followed by Australia.
Experts say this is a relationship New Zealand cannot lose.
New Zealand's exports to China are $16.
The year ended September 2018 was 6 billion per cent.
At the same time, Chinese tourists spend twice as much here as American tourists.
For more information on the story, clicking on the housing crisis here in Auckland forced some teachers to stay with the principals they recruited from overseas, and apparently it was difficult to find housing in Auckland's crowded market.
At school this year, one of the six schools in Auckland is still advertising teachers, even though the government --
The global recruitment campaign was sponsored and by the end of January, 225 teachers were recruited from overseas.
Cathy Chalmers, principal of Green Meadows, said the recruitment agency told her that many teachers would prefer to go elsewhere in New Zealand if they could.
She says the expensive housing problem in Auckland is good.
Well-known overseas, many teachers are struggling to recruit.
Some teachers also went to hotels and airports.
For more information about this story, please click here. If you're buying, it's obviously a different story than renting the latest ASB housing confidence survey shows that more people think it's worse than it is.
Prices in Auckland fell, and Christchurch was flat.
Some of the respondents expect prices to rise later this year.
For more information on this story, please listen to the opinions of newstel ZBFarmers, environmental activists, outdoor reaction groups on the change of term review. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern rushed yesterday to confirm that the term review of the senior country of the PSC would be canceled.
This is within a week of the release of New Zealand land information (Linz)
Published a damn assessment of the process and official land management.
The review of land use rights is a voluntary process in which official pastures can be sold to renters, and areas with high ecological and recreational value can be returned to official ownership as protected land.
The minister for environmental protection, Eugenie Secchi, said that the term review produced a "mixed package" and that taxpayers were not always worth the money.
While land has been added to the protected areas, it has also led to more intensive farming and subdivision.
The property that already exists in the process will continue to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, Sage said.
An announcement on the future of Crown garden land management is expected on Sunday.
It began a struggle between various interest groups.
Federal farmers say a stricter management system for small-country tenants could "weaken" the industry.
But the forest and birds Group, a conservation lobby, said reforms were needed to prioritize the protection of local plants and animals in agricultural development.
At the same time, the country's largest outdoor entertainment advocate, the federal Mountain Club, wants a new process aimed at achieving a better balance between the interests of the lessor and the public.
For more information on the story, women who click here have been banned from participating in Queenstown golf, at the Arrowtown Golf Club labeled "women-averse people are crazy"
For at least 20 years, women have competed freely with men in Saturday's club competition.
But on last October, the men's competition committee announced that women could only compete.
The committee stated that it had "problems and problems" with respect to the female difference score and took action after a member filed a written complaint about the eligibility of a female member to participate in the event.
Dean Murphy, chief executive of the New Zealand Golf Club, said club members had asked his organization for help.
They are keen to promote the inclusion of golf and they don't think there should be any restrictions on the game, he said.
For more information on the story, click on 12-year-old hereGirls, one of the victims of Wellington's teacher who filmed family guests through two
Mirror 52year-
The old man admitted in Wellington today to shooting and shooting 90 people in his bathroom.
The woman who found the camera called the police. The police searched the property and found a digital camera and an external hard disk. There were 54 intimate videos and photos of different women changing clothes, bath toilet.
There are six girls in the video aged 12, 13 and 14.
The video was taken from the end of 2013 to the middle of 2018.
The man acknowledged the charges and was sent back for sentencing on June.
Judge Peter Butler has ordered a psychiatric report for the man's next appearance.
For more information on this story, please click on the hereA Queensland fly found in the trap of Devonport, said Dr. Catherine Dusi, a spokeswoman for biosafety in Auckland, New Zealand, they are checking to see if there are other fruit flies in the area.
She says finding out if flies spread is critical to our gardening industry.
Biosafety asked residents of Devonport not to move any fruits and vegetables from their homes.
However, Duthie said the findings did not mean a fruit fly outbreak broke out in New Zealand.
In northern New Zealand, Queensland's fruit flies have been tested six times, she said.
Of these findings, there was only one that proved to be part of a wider breeding population in Auckland in 2015.
It was successfully eradicated by the New Zealand biosafety organization.
For more information about this story, please click here. The Warehouse Group is setting an example for businesses across the country, which means they offset any carbon emissions from hundreds of stores.
This is the first large retailer in New Zealand to achieve this goal.
Ranked third in the world.
David Benattar, chief sustainability officer at The Warehouse Group, said the next step is to make plastic the past.
Other initiatives they are implementing include planting more than 2 million local trees and making their fleet electric.
For more information on this story, please listen to Newstalk ZBWe and now know how unruly tourist families have hacked into all Burger King in New Zealand based on officialOIA)
He revealed the unknown details of the Hamilton Burger King incident last month, and both police and the New Zealand immigration service received a phone call.
The documents point out that the family even used the child as a "tool" for getting free food ".
The police briefing details how Burger King's staff saw the Doran family bite a few times from the food ordered and then waited half an hour to return it, claiming it was cold.
The internal audit office said that they would also sprinkle drinks on food and ask for new food.
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