the four types of travellers and who you should avoid - types of die casting

by:Hanway     2019-08-29
the four types of travellers and who you should avoid  -  types of die casting
"Commander" is the natural leader of any festival and the first person to organize the event.
Source: can you sweat on the bustling streets of Venice?
Or do you cry when your luggage is not the first one on the turntable?
British psychologists have narrowed a large number of vacation personalities to four main types, explaining why people behave when they are on vacation.
According to a TravelSupermarket survey, 51 tourists admitted that their personality had changed while on vacation.
A disease called Holiday Character Syndrome.
More than one noticed a change in the personality of the partner.
Nearly three travelers believe that their relationship during the holidays is different from normal family life.
"When we go on vacation, we often venture into unlicensed areas," says psychologist Patricia Furness . "
Smith told the Daily Mail.
"The rules and boundaries of daily life are no longer applicable, and our pressure to comply with social stereotypes is also getting smaller and smaller.
"While you may be at the same wavelength as your holiday partner on your home lawn, it is common for you to have a very different view of what you want to get during your vacation.
"Your friends may think of rest as a chance to relax and do nothing, but you may think it's an opportunity to try new things and meet different people.
"So, what is your holiday personality? Who are you best for traveling?
The natural leader of any festival and the first person to organize the event;
The money is large and likes to be responsible for any situation, from organizing restaurant reservations to booking activities.
The downside is that they may be a little impatient when dealing with others in the holiday team.
Commanders like to take part in group activities.
Although they may be in conflict with other commanders and people they find boring, they get along well with most people.
The idealists are their perfect holiday partners.
A person who is completely satisfied with their lead.
People who are highly motivated by INSPIRERA, because of their energy, optimism and sense of humor, their company is loved by others.
They are always looking for the next adventure and others value the ideas they bring to the team.
They can feel the threat of those with strong opinions, and they may get angry when their actions are criticized.
Their perfect match is an exciting guy.
Their enthusiasm and social skills mean that idealists are not a bad game either --
It was a pleasure to join this adventure again.
They should be careful when they leave the commander because they may not like being taken over.
Caring and caring for others, as well as being sensitive and encouraging.
People like to be with them because they are born with the ability to get along with different types of people.
They avoid conflict or criticism, which may mean they are nervous about expressing their views and may not have much say during the holidays.
Everyone wants people like them on vacation, especially those with the strongest personality, performers or commanders.
They may feel a slight threat to the strong idea of the group and need to do everything they can to make sure their voice is heard.
For a group of people who may not know each other, they are perfect holiday partners.
Performance is the life and soul of the festival.
They make every situation enjoyable and people will naturally be attracted by their enthusiasmhearted, down-to-earth attitude.
While they should not be left in charge of the budget, as they may be a bit frivolous, they do get real joy from the different encounters with the closest ones.
They are everyone's favorite holiday personality, but the idealists are the perfect match for them.
This is a person who embraces them with all his heart and soul.
They occasionally annoy certain people with their enthusiasm, especially if they are restricted to the four walls of the villa.
What is your holiday personality?
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