the five types of parents who kill their children - types of die casting

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the five types of parents who kill their children  -  types of die casting
Jenny Geppert bowed on the coffin of her sister Kim Hunt, whose sister Kim Hunt and their three children were murdered by him in 2014.
According to the study, the most violent of all the parents who killed the child was the stepfather or the de facto partner.
He throws a child or a stom child to kill, but usually only one victim.
According to a study by the University of Melbourne Burne, what is more deadly is that the separated father killed many victims.
All his children.
To punish their mother.
But the most deadly of all the parents who killed the child is the coupling father who still lives in the family unit.
He will kill multiple family members, not only his children, but his wife is also in danger of being murdered by the children.
There is a season of killing children at any time of year, but when it comes to murdering a child's mother, father or stepfather, there are five different types.
This is the conclusion of a new study.
Lilian de botolli, a researcher at the Australian University's Center for Forensic Behavioral Sciences, killed their children.
In her study, Dr. De Bortoli studied 155 murders committed by 97 parents in Australia between 2000 and 2011.
At the funeral of Kim Hunt, her three children, and Jeff Hunt, the brutal reality of the entire family being killed was obvious, and Jeff Hunt shot and killed them and herself.
Source: Australian news group father killer: at the funeral of four members of the Colombian family, a coffin was killed by father manric Fernando in Davidson with gas on 2016.
Image: Adam Taylor Source: of the victims of the Australian news group, 118 were children, and Dr. de botolli said he selected a single case from a nationwide criminal case of child death
Her analysis of these statistics reveals chilling similarities between the methods and numbers of victims and the five "types" of parents who murder children.
"I looked at all the dead children and I identified their patterns, whether they were mothers, fathers, husband and wife or single," Dr. de botolli told the news . ". com. au.
Different types are actually male or short.
The term stepfather, the separated father, the single mother, is still the "coupled" mother and the coupled father in the family unit.
"In fact, men kill people in a particularly violent way," Dr. De Bortoli said . ".
"He caused multiple abdominal injuries, head and spine injuries, and he usually abused the child for a period of time before killing the child.
"The separated father killed many victims.
The separated father, Charles mihago, was dressed up for three-year-old daughter Indiana and four-year-old Savannah. above)
Before killing them, they were filmed dancing in the freeze.
Source: the actual killer Matthew Scowen was convicted of manslaughter. year-
Old Tyrell Cobb (above)
He allegedly has 70 marks on him.
Picture: Channel 7
Source: supply "He has a background of interpersonal violence and violence against his mother, which is why they are separated.
Dr. de botolli also found patterns in how people murder their children according to their age.
"Children often get head or spine injuries," she said . " There are seven or eight, she added --year-
Sometimes suffocate after being under anesthesia.
"There are also cases where parents are using carbon monoxide poisoning," Dr. De Bortoli said . ".
She presented her findings at a recent international conference in Italy, and she said that the number of Australian parents is very large compared to other countries27 per cent —
The people who killed their children continued to commit suicide.
Dr. de botolli was motivated to carry out the study because of the lack of statistics on child deaths in Australia compared to the rich public studies in countries such as the UK and Canada.
"In order to prevent child deaths, we have to find a better way to monitor and understand child deaths," she said . ".
"The difference between death and serious injury is like a coin toss.
Fernando manrick (above)
Wife Maria Claudia Lutz and children Martin and Alisa killed his whole family.
Source: manrick installed a terrible network of gas tanks and pipes outside the house to kill his family.
Source: Australian news group "sometimes the child will not die because the mother comes home in time and takes the child to an emergency and the child has survived.
"But let yourself stand in the position of child protection practitioners.
"Identifying which child is at risk is a hard call and sometimes you do more damage by taking the child away from your parents.
Dr. de botolli said it is not part of the study to understand how parents cause pain to their children, but the cruelty of death often infuriates her and reminds her of the children who survived.
"We need to provide more support for those abused children who have these tough childhood and may end up on the street or in the criminal justice system," she said . ".
"People who kill their children may have personality disorders or their compassion is not well developed.
"This happens to people who have been abused during childhood or have childhood trauma.
Matthew was released after admitting Tyrell Cobb's manslaughter and briefly walked out of a car in Mallorca.
Source: Australian news group Bortoli will publish her research in international journals to provide her findings to child protection agencies in Australia and overseas.
Here are five different types of parents who kill a child and their criminal features: the actual offender has a relationship with the mother of the child he killed.
Killing people in a violent way
Usually there is only one victim who has abused the child for a while before killing them.
Abuse may start with a man shaking a crying child because he is angry about not being able to sleep or watching TV.
Methods of killing a child can include stepping on or throwing the child, causing multiple injuries to the abdomen, and injuries to the head or spine.
Rarely committed suicide after murder
The victims are usually young children.
After Matthew admitted 2009 manslaughter, he laughed as he walked. year-
Old Tyrell Cobb in Gold Coast
Picture: Dave Hunt
Source: Matthew Scowan, surprised by his luck, was photographed releasing early from prison last week after admitting guilty of killing Tyrell Cobb, causing national outrageThe four-year-
Old died in distress in 2009, but Scown's plea agreement reduced the sentence for the Queensland.
Skoon and her younger son moved to the Gold Coast and became the de facto partner of Tyrrell's mother, Heidi stroback. A post-
Tyrell Cobb (above)
He died with 53 bruises and 17 bruises.
Source: it was reported that the couple had been together for less than a year, and Tyrell died on May 2009 from internal bleeding and abdominal injuries caused by blunt trauma. A post-
The autopsy showed 53 bruises and 17 bruises from his head to his leg after his death.
Skane was charged with murder one day after the boy's death on 2009, but the case was dismissed at a hospital hearing on 2010.
This month, he pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to four years in prison, but was released on remand.
Christopher Hoerler baby Jordan sat in a white coffin, and before Christopher Hoerler was accused of murdering the child, sad father Cecil Smith took him with him at the funeral.
Image: Wagga Daily Advertiser
Source: Australian news group amateur boxer Christopher Hoerler meets Louis Anderson on New Year's Eve, 1999, Jordan Anderson-
Smith is a happy and healthy five-month-old boy.
But in fact, baby Jordan's presence may never make headlines, and he may have just celebrated his 18 th birthday a few months ago.
On the contrary, the terrible end of Jordan's short life can be after his devastating-mortem report. The seven-month-
The old man's toes were crushed by fan clips, broken ribs, liver injuries, pancreatic injuries, and tear of his lips.
He was tortured to death after attending a party at Anderson MS's wogawga home.
In fact, Chris holler killed Jordan.
Source: Australian News Corp. , Jordan, was tortured to death.
Source: Louise Anderson, the mother of the Australian news group, arrived at holler in 2003.
Source: Australian news group and Jordan's father Cecil Smith and 26-year-
In early January 2000, old Holler moved in with her.
After smoking marijuana, Hoerler claimed he heard a bang at night and woke up with liquid foam in red, brown and white on the floor.
The wall of the master bedroom, the baby's crib sheets and the blue Nike shorts of Holler are covered with blood.
An emotional Cecil Smith and his family bid farewell to Jordan in a small white coffin.
Twenty months later, police accused Hoerler of murdering the baby Jordan.
At the trial on 2003, Hoerler pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter.
Holler was released on parole on 2014 and returned to Papua New Guinea.
Constable Nathan ForrestBailey loves tank engine Thomas, a happy boy before he was abused and killed by drug-addicted stepfather Nathan Forrest.
Source: SuppliedHe plays a sad stepfather at the funeral of Constable Bailey, with four-year-old’s coffin. But the post-
The anatomy of the little boy's body shows that Nathan William Forrest is suffering from the pain of Bailey's last months.
The grandparents of Constable Bailey fought for the intervention of the child protection authority.
Forrest is a "angry and aggressive man", a drug time bomb.
Bailey told his grandparents a few weeks before his death in April 1, 2011 that Forrest had hurt him and held him in the bathtub.
On the last day of Bailey's life, Forrest has been injecting meth.
Forrest brought him into the bathroom while Bailey was peeing.
Karen Chapman, Bailey's grandmother, and photos of her grandson who was killed.
Source: News restricted the boy's mother, Constable Jessica, to hear a series of loud bangs and Forrest shouting at his son.
When Bailey came out of the bathroom, he fell.
MS the police officer put him to bed, but when Forrest checked for babe, he came back and said the boy was dead. A post-
The autopsy found Bailey's body covered with old and new injuries.
His forehead, cheeks and the back of his head were all hit and his eyes were dark.
His hips were tied, with old wounds on his nose.
Forrest admitted Bailey's manslaughter in 2013.
Judge Elizabeth fulleton, who sentenced Forrest to at least six years in prison, smiled and gave his family a thumbs-up in court.
Due to time constraints, Forrest's earliest release date is this year.
The separated father, Robert fakhasen, was tried for drowning and killing his three sons in retaliation for his former fatherwife.
Source: The news background of "Father of separation" is the interpersonal violence that may lead to separation.
Killed many victims.
In custody disputes, children are often killed in order to punish the mother.
Robert Farquharson said his three sons drowned after driving into the Winchelsea dam after fainting, but he was sentenced to three years in prison for murdering them.
Source: after a Father's Day visit in 2005, News Ltd's separated father, Robert fakhasen, drove his three sons into a farm dam near his Victorian home at Winchelsea.
Jay, 10, Taylor, 7, and Pele, 2, both drowned, but fakhasen managed to escape, saying he could not save his trapped son.
He claimed that he lost consciousness when he coughed around seven o'clock P. M. and hit the dam fence.
Three months later, police accused him of murdering his son, but even his separated wife, Cindy Gambino, said she believed "he wouldn't hurt their hair ".
Farquharson's trial of 2007 murders costs 220-
Degrees turned and drove his vehicle off the highway into the dam, half of the body of Jai at the front door of the car.
Robert Farquharson killed his son Jai, 10, Bailey, 2, Taylor, 7. above)
Drowning in retaliation for his predecessor.
Their wife after separation
Source: News Ltd. robert Farquharson and his ex-wife, Cindy Gambino, murdered their sons, Jai, Bailey, and Taylor at their funerals in 2005.
Source: Greg King, a friend of News Limited Farquharson, said in court that the father of the three children intended to kill his child in retaliation for his ex-wife.
Mr. King said that two months before the incident, Farquharson had said he would retaliate against the Gambino MS and "take away what is most important to her ".
After the accident, Shane Atkinson found Farquharson on the side of the road. He said he refused to call three people twice. 0.
Instead, the father personally went to tell Gambino that the drowning was MS and Mr Atkinson had to borrow a phone to call the police.
The day before the jury found him guilty, Farquharson, who was released on bail, ordered three red tulips for his son's grave and ordered a card for Jai's 13-year-old birthday.
After the verdict, Gambino fell MS and was taken from court by ambulance.
Farquharson is serving three years without parole.
Three-year-old Charles Mihalo Dianna and four-year-old Savannah were killed by their father, Charles Mihalo, when he suffocated them after giving them makeup and filming them dancing
Source: SuppliedIt is 2014 Easter Sunday, and Tanzania national Charles Mihalo told his predecessor
Wife, he wants to "say goodbye" to his four daughters, Savannah, and three daughters, Indianna, and "see them for the last time ".
Mihayo and his ex have been fighting.
She has become her wife since the girl separated.
He was angry at the failure of his marriage and held considerable hostility to his former partner because he felt that she was unfair to him.
She didn't know, four days before the visit, he Googled: "How can I kill my ex? wife”.
When the little girl came to visit, he dressed them in white and filmed them dancing to a song in the movie Frozen.
Then he smothered them.
Charles Mihalo came to court from prison and was summoned for the murder of his daughter.
Picture: Eugene Hailan
Source: News Australia
Before the police arrived, he brought the murdered daughter into his unit bathroom in Victoria Watsonia and corrected them.
He said to the police at the door, "it's done.
I killed them.
I killed my baby ".
Mihayo has no regrets or regrets about the police.
On December 2014, he was sentenced to at least 31 years in prison for what Victorian Supreme Court judge Lex Lasley described as a "terrible crime.
"You decided to show your ex
"The wife believes that she has no control over the children and their relationship with you," Justice rasri said . ".
"You decide that she will pay the price, and your children and their lives will inevitably pay the price.
Craig Andrew Merritt is a perfect doting father who was killed by three of his children by a different mother in 2001.
Source: Australian news group Andrew Merritt is the "perfect, doting father" of three children to three different mothers ".
He can meet all his children on weekends. year-
Old Jackson Merritt, 11-month Taila pringer and 11-week Micera Green.
On Father's Day, 2001 of the children's mothers thought it would be nice for the children to visit with their father's grandmother's home in western Sydney.
On the night of the visit, Merritt fed and bathed the children and put on their pajamas.
At some point he smothered them.
Merritt then drank a lot of bourbon and seemed to want to kill himself.
Jackson O'Loughlin, 6.
Source: News Australia reported 11 months.
Source: when her father, Craig Merritt, suffocated her half-brother and sister with her half-brother, mikaylah Green, a News Company Limited, was only 11 weeks old.
Source: at one o'clock A. M. in the afternoon, Australian news group sent a text message to the partner at that time, saying: "Good Buy (sic)
From me, my son and my daughter "went on to say," Goodbye until the next life.
I have always loved you and your son.
But at eight o'clock A. M. he appeared at the Parramatta police station and said, "I put my child to bed ".
He said he was a loser because he had three children for different mothers.
"I should be more like an ordinary family with three children and a mother," he said . ".
"I think I just want to be a good dad and nothing seems to work.
Merritt claimed he did not remember the murder.
When he was sentenced to life imprisonment, members of the public gallery shouted, "Hell, you dog," and "thorn without courage ".
On 2004, the new state criminal appeals court overturned his sentence and sentenced him to 34 years' imprisonment and 27 years' imprisonment. parole period.
The first possible release date for Merritt was 2028.
Coupled mother: Catherine folbiger served 30 years in prison for killing her four babies.
Source: The mother is usually suffering from mental illness or some kind of mental illness.
Kill the Child by choking or choking.
The four children of Kathryn fubigg, left-to-right, keleb, Patrick, Sarah and Laura, were killed in more than a decade.
Source: supliedkathleen Folbigg, 50 years old, has been widely regarded as a model prisoner since being imprisoned for choking four young children between 1989 and 1999 years old.
A campaign against Folbigg claimed that she was wrongly convicted, and currently new state lawyers are submitting a petition to the new state governor to review her caseGeneral.
But Folbigg was sentenced in 2003 for manslaughter in the murder of her children, Patrick, Sarah and Laura, and Caleb.
On 1989, Caleb, the first child of Folbigg and her then husband, Craig Folbigg, died at the age of 20.
Then Patrick, eight months old, October 1990, Sarah kaisalin, 10 months old, August 1993 and 18 --month-
Old Laura Elizabeth in March 1999
During her trial for killing her four children.
Source: Australian news group, with baby Sarah.
Source: The death of the Australian news group was considered suspicious only after finding a diary in which she wrote "I am my father's daughter ".
When she was a child, Folbigg's own father murdered her mother.
Her trial heard that she suffocated her child because she could not cope with the pressure to raise her child.
Last month, Folbigg appeared in court to appeal a brief sentence Sentenced to beating another prisoner in a row on a toast machine.
Well, otherwise.
As the mother of the female prisoner, Folbigg, who performed well, has been transferred from silver water Supreme security prison to Cessnock prison.
Four coffins of the Colombian family died in a murder.
Father Fernando manrick committed suicide at Davidson's home.
Source: Statistically, the father who still kills children in family units is more likely to have a history in the criminal justice system.
Killing multiple family members, his wife or partner is also often in danger of being killed.
Kill by stabbing or causing an injury to the head or spine.
Jeff hanger held a funeral for five members of the Wagga Wagah Hunter family, who died in a murder suicide in September 2014, when his father, Jeff, shot his wife and children, and then
Source: The Australian news group's massacre in September 2014 on the Lockhart property near wogawga in the new state of Liina caused a nationwide response.
On September 9, 2014, four bodies were found in and around the house of the Hunter family property Watch Hill.
Kim Hunt, 41, was shot dead in the driveway.
Three of her children, 10 and 8year-
Six-year-old Mia and Phoebe died in bed with a gunshot wound.
The next day, 44 bodies were found by police divers. year-
In a dam near the house, old wheat and Jeff Hunt, a Canadian farmer.
He also died from a gunshot wound.
Detectives immediately suspected that the truth was true, and Jeff Hunt killed his whole family and then committed suicide in a classic murder --suicide.
Jeff and Kim Hunt and their children Phoebe, Mia and Fletcher both died from a gunshot wound in 2014.
Source: The motivation is not obvious.
Details of the personality change of Kim Jong Il Hunter came along as she turned over in the 2012 accident, causing her daughter Mia to be basically unhurt.
The accident caused the popular nurse to have physical, neurological and cognitive disabilities that affected her family life and marriage, which she had already been under pressure.
Kim Hunt became "unforgiving, uncautious and abusive" due to brain damage ".
Her husband was depressed and had suicidal thoughts.
A 2015 coroner's investigation concluded that "self-centered conclusions" drove Jeff Hunt to shoot his family.
Jenny Geppert bowed on the coffin of her sister Kim Hunt, whose sister Kim Hunt and their three children were murdered by him in 2014.
Source: The Australian press group forensic psychologist said in the investigation that he may mainly want to commit suicide due to depression and complete loss of hope among farmers.
Michael Barnes, the new state coroner, concluded: "But he believes his wife and children depend on him, so when he kills them, he is 'keeping the pain of the future for them'
"His distorted logic led him to conclude that the child and wife could not cope without him.
"This is the result of a self-centered illusion that his wife and children are better than living without him.
Fernando manric and his wife, Maria Lutz, and their children, Martin and Ellis.
Source: Australian news group in Bogota, Colombia, whose engineer husband, Fernando manrick, came to live in Australia.
Criminal lawyer Lutz gave birth to a daughter and son who are children of special needs, talented artists, but with autism.
They went to the Catholic school in St. Lucy, where Luz MS to volunteer in the canteen.
The family lives in a corner of the suburb of Davidson in northern Sydney.
In a friendly family appearance, the relationship between Maria Claudia and Fernando was in trouble, and Fernando was fired from the work of Fuji Xerox Australia.
He found a new job at a small processing logistics company, which made him travel from home a lot.
He wanted to go back to Colombia, but MS Lutz refused.
On November 16, a school friend from MS Lutz called to care about the welfare of her family after she failed to attend the job at tuckshop, and the police then checked in to the house.
Fernando manrick installed a series of crude but deadly gas tanks and pipes at his Davidson home (above)
He killed himself and his children because his wife was leaving him.
Source: Australian News Corp. Near Davidson's house, police found the bodies of two parents, 11-year-old Elisa and 10-year-old Martin, as well as the dog Tequila at home.
They also found a crude Bath fatal system that installed gas tanks and pipes in different rooms.
In the days before the murder, neighbors saw manrick using power tools on the roof --suicide.
Since then, MS Lutz has told manrick that she wants to be separated from him.
Sarina Marchi, a friend of MS Lutz, told The Sunday Telegraph that Manrique's behavior had changed dramatically just before he killed his family and himself.
When Lutz MS told March that she was leaving soon, MS.
The husband acted like a model father. The alarm clock rang.
Mrs. Marchi said, "I said, 'This doesn't sound normal '.
"I said, 'I know that there will be a lot of violence after separation, if it feels wrong;
If you doubt anything, come out.
The family died three days later.
Keli Lane of the Olympic hope team was convicted of killing her daughter, Tegan, who was born in 1996 and has not been seen since.
Source: Children in almost all age groups are restricted by news.
Affected by mental illness
Usually murder a victim.
Die by choking or choking the child.
Rachel Fitzner's body in the suitcase: Dean hillsworth was killed by his mother Rachel Fitzner, who is serving 19 years in prison.
Source: News Limited Dean Shillingsworth is a little boy of "sticky people" who is eager to get the attention of his mother Rachel Pfitzner.
Since being separated from the boy's father, Paul Shillingsworth, Pfitzner has had a custody battle with her former partner's mother.
Pfitzner hates Ann Coffey, and on October 2007, a guardianship order may bring little Dean back to the care of his grandmother.
Pfitzner did not respond to her mother's problems, and she was furious with her son.
The neighbors would hear her anger at him and once, when she locked him out in the cold, they heard him begging, "Mom, Mom, I'm sorry.
Rachel Fitzner admitted to the murder of her son, Dean hillsworth, who stuffed her son's body into her suitcase and threw it into a duck pond.
Source: News Limited Pfitzner often can't afford to eat, and she has not managed to provide enough toilet training for her two-year-old son, who is two and eight months old.
When the hungry toddler goes out to find someone else's food, Pfitzner will punish him for embarrassing her.
Pfitzner finally collapsed in October 11, 2007.
When he went to see a friend with Dean, he saw the boy hungry and gave him a hamburger, and Pfitzner was angry.
When she later told a prison psychiatrist, when they got home, she grabbed his turban and shook him until his mouth was bubbling.
When she realized that her son was dead, Pfitzner took off his clothes, wrapped him in a plastic bag, and put his body in a plaid suitcase.
She took her suitcase to a duck pool in Ambarvale, southwest of Sydney and threw it in and watched it sink.
The children later found the body in the suitcase while playing in the pond.
Pfitzner was sentenced to imprisonment of up to 25 years and 6 months.
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