the different types of reels for your fishing rod - types of die casting

by:Hanway     2019-09-08
the different types of reels for your fishing rod  -  types of die casting
There are many different reels for each different type of fishing.
In this article, I will introduce two main line axis types: fixed line axis and rotating line axis.
Together with the four most widely used reels: bait casting reels, flying casting reels, spins-
Casting reels and rotating reels.
Fixed spool
The fixed type of reel has a wire shaft parallel to the rod.
Every time you cast or release the line, it "rotates" from the end of the line axis ".
When you roll the line in, the bail machine rotates around the line axis and collects the line back to the line axis.
The main advantage of fixing spools is that they can be light in weight than rotating spools type casting.
Rotating spool
The rotation type of the reel has a line shaft perpendicular to the rod.
When you let the line out, the axis of the line rotates, and when you wrap it on the axis of the line, the axis of the line is reversed.
The main advantage of rotating spool reels is that they can cast heavier weight better than the fixed spool type.
I 've been asked what would you recommend for beginners who have just started fishing.
I always say start with the spin reel as this is the easiest to learn.
Once you have mastered the spin reel, my next option will be the fly fishing reel.
In my opinion, you will get the greatest satisfaction by learning to cast flying.
After you use your own hands to tie the fly to outsmart the trout, there is nothing better than feeling the thrill of the trout at the end of your team.
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