the die is cast Roman Dictator - Julius Caesar

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The dictator of Caesar in ancient Rome.

.Centuries later, the czars and emperors of Russia and Germany were derived from the name Caesar.
Conn igden crafted a sensational story through a factual framework that describes Caesar's career in Spain, his election as consul, the expansion of Gaul and the invasion of the BritishLet me completely immerse myself in the wonderful reading of the first century BC.If you like the HBO series Rome and read it well, you will love the novel.

Caesar was born of nobility and came to power in 78 BC.The Roman leader is considered one of the greatest military commanders in history.
When he became quaestor in Spain in 68 years, he had a good start in his career.
Caesar aligned himself with the Popular Party, and when he was elected to the position of aedile 65, he almost ruined himself and held lavish entertainment for the Roman people.Although he was a free thinker, he was elected pope in 63 BC and appointed governor of Spain in 61 BC.


He is the richest man in Rome and the first of the three giants.This is a coalition dictatorship.
In 58 BC, Caesar was appointed to the military commander of Gaolu, who won the war in Gaolu.Built his military reputation.
As Governor Gaul, he was involved in the country of death.The 50-year-old defeated the Germans under Ali ovitas and sold thousands of Belgic tribes as slaves.
At the age of 55, he traveled across the UK and returned to the UK for a further campaign visit.The Gaul uprising under Vercingetorix 52 was suppressed in 51 years.
He ended his reign against Gaul in 49 years, and after the death of clausus, Pompeii became his opponent.
Caesar's success shocked Pompeii and the Roman Senate;In 49 BC, the Senate called on him to dissolve the army or declare him an enemy of the people.

And enter Italy to meet the troops that Pompeo proposed to him.Pompeii ran away and Caesar got to Greece.Defeated him in Pharaoh 48 BC.Then went to Egypt, where Pompeii was assassinated and became a dictator.Caesar maintains power by nurturing the support of civilians and the army and by launching a great public works program.
After successful battles in Egypt, Syria and Africa, Caesar returned triumphantly.
In 46 BC, he was awarded 10-The dictatorship of the year, he defeated the son of Pompeii in Spain in 45 years, and was granted a lifetime dictatorship in 44 BC.

And Cassius lonnis.At the foot of the Senate Pompeii statue was stabbed to death by conspirators.

Caesar reformed the Roman calendar.

Established Roman citizenship for communities outside Italy.
Wrote a detailed description of the civil war and his battle of Gaul.
Reduce debt and change taxes.

He met the need to strengthen his common people's control over the country.
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