the die is cast My 10 Favorite Julius Caesar Quotes

by:Hanway     2019-08-24

It is a microcosm of the Roman nobility and an extremely unusual figure of his time.A paradox.He is a talented man, a talented, ruthless politician, a military genius.Caesar is a talented writer, speaker and lawyer.His personal life is full of drama and intrigue, fascinated by him for generations and will continue to do so.There are countless plays, books and movies about him.
The reason why I chose the following quotes is because I find them personally interesting and can relate them to my life and the world today, or because they are academically interesting or controversial.

"I came, I saw, I conquered.
Caesar Gaius.
Caesar later said this when he won in Asia (modern Middle East/Turkey.Caesar defeated Pompeii and his followers after crossing Rubicon and seizing power.Pang Pei has won a great deal in Asia, and his reputation is partly based on those successes.Others are also known for their military achievements in Asia.What Caesar is saying here is how easy it is for him to succeed in Asia.He is digging into Pompeii and anyone famous for winning the Asian war, because it is not difficult for him (especially compared to Gaul ).This is a typical Caesar-style of comment, where words rhyme, are clear and easy to say, and the grammar is concise and clever.It has more than one layer of meaning, and it's a bit biting and arrogant --


Evil people live after them.
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This is an interesting observation of human nature.Caesar knows that people are more impressed with negative than positive.He is a powerful manipulator who has repaired the reputation of many fellow Romans for his own political interests.This reminds me that people always remember the mistakes I made before they remember success.It also reminds me of the point of keeping balance.

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This sentence is controversial.Caesar should have said this after he made a major decision, crossed the river lubekong, and occupied Rome by force, bringing the known world into civil war.This means something like "made a decision" or "took the opportunity.Some say he said "let the dice fly higher ".At that critical moment, we may never know what he said.We only know that he made a bet on his career, and the result is still rewarding.

Creating is better than learning!Creation is the essence of life.
Strangely, Caesar sees "progress" as a concept of the ancient world, but he knows that what drives humanity forward is creation.Caesar is mainly an action man, and it is easy to see people like him think that doing is more important than learning.However, for mortals like me, it is often difficult to "do" before some learning happens ".For me, they are intertwined concepts.

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.Ha haxa0Appreciate the true power of man's "wishful thinking" tendencies and take advantage in his career.This sentence is about perspective power.It reminds me that my opinion is not always the same as others and that I should check my objectivity or motivation, especially when making important decisions.

If you have to break the law, then do it to take power: comply with the law in all other cases.
This shows that Caesar really understands the importance of power and legalization.When Caesar thinks he will win, he has no doubts about acting outside the law.He crossed the river Rubicon and took Rome as an example.First he took action and then, after he won, he legalised his action.The winner wrote a history book, which he knew very well.

So true.--xa0Usually, when I take a "shortcut" at work, because I don't have time, this creates a dangerous precedent for the next time this happens.I proved this due to the tight deadline or lack of resources.Like me, most people prefer to do things right, but when the pressure is high, they choose other options.This is a good reminder to think ahead of time, not just the task I was involved in at the time.

Which death is better for others?
Words of prophecy--xa0When Caesar was caught by a group of colleagues and stabbed to death at the age of 54, he fulfilled his wish.It's hard to imagine he knew the plot was going on.Times are violent, and perhaps Caesar is expected to die in battle or other sudden causes such as a shipwreck.However, at the time of his murder, it was said that he ignored the warning of a forum abger ("Careful Mariners") and rejected the offer of the bodyguard.If he had listened to the divination, he might have avoided violence and accidental death that day.

Arrogance is arrogance or assumption.This is a concept often found in ancient Greek drama.A related concept is that pride comes before autumn.Caesar points out that if he does not fall, then his pridexa0Can not be domineering, arrogant.This is also an example of Caesar's typical arrogance and cleverness.

This again proves Caesar's profound insight into the human mind.Fear is a small death of stabbing and biting people.I don't know if Caesar is as afraid of things as most people are.Maybe what really sets him apart is his greatest confidence?I will never know, but I know that whether or not he feels that way, he understands how fear works in others.
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