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How do I know what these terms they use in court mean?I don't speak Latin?
There are many terms in our legal system that are not in English.This is done so that ordinary people do not know the exact meaning of a law or phrase.

They write the law in a language that most people can't understand.
This is done to scare you into pleading guilty because these Latin terms are horrible and unintelligible.By making our legal system superior to the wisdom of ordinary people, they retain control over us.
Take the time to educate yourself and ask questions if you are in court and you cannot understand what is said.
Even if you are represented by a lawyer, Don't let things pass that you don't understand.It's simple to have the judge define and explain everything you don't understand.
Do not be forced to accept requests or settle at prices below what you think is fair and just.
SPEAK UP!Tell the judge you have questions about the court process.If you don't understand what you are accused of, how can you make an informed defense.

Quidquid latine viditur is called the opinion of the support programme Bureau.
Whatever you say in Latin, it seems profound.
a fortiori.
"There is a stronger reason," which applies to a situation where if one thing is true, it can be inferred that the second thing is more certain to be true.
a posteriori.

a priori.
From the previous situation
ab incunablis.

ab initio.

ab intra.
from within.

.The city considered in the offer is Rome city.
ad absurdum.
To the point of absurdity.
ad eundem.
Reach the same level
It belongs to gradum of the same academic ability.
To the same extent
ad hoc.
For this special purpose
ad hominem.
Represents an individual's argument against an opponent rather than a logical argument against an issue.
ad idem.
Same idea.
ad infinitum.
without limit.
ad libitum.
According to happiness.
ad litem.
for the suit.

at the place.
ad nauseam.
To the point of disgust.
History of Latin.
Latin was originally the language of farmers and shopkeepers.--xa0It is mainly used in Rome and its territory.
No matter how humble its origins may be, Latin has quickly become a high-rise language of civilization.--xa0It quickly spread to the western part of the Roman Empire.
There are not many successful languages.--xa0What is even more surprising is the spread of Latin after the fall of the Roman Empire.
The spoken Latin continues to be stable for a long time.--xa0In fact, it has never died, but it has changed in every generation.--xa0Language develops in many different directions, forming the foundation of romantic language.
Written latinxa0Still in use.--xa0It is used as the primary means of communication within the church and the school,xa0It is not only where it is said, but also where it is written.
In the end, the medieval Latin did not belong to any country, and its use was mainly made up of highly educated members of society.
ad valorem.
Corresponding value.
Something to attach.
The voice of the Devil
A written statement that may be sworn in as evidence of the tribunal.
What to do (this usually includes issues to be addressed during meetings.
alea iacta est.
The mold is cast.
alma mater.
Someone's old school or college.
alter ego.
separate self.
amicus curiae.
Allies of the court
The court complex, amicus nemini.
Everyone's friends are friends who have no friends.

).In the year of the Lord.
Terrible Anna.
A bad year.
The Year of Miracles.
ante bellum.
Before the war.

).before noon.
aqua fortis.
nitric acid.
aqua pura.
pure water.
Art for Art ".
Art for the sake of art.
aude sapere.
Have the courage to know.
Audi Opam.
Listen to each other (one of the criteria for natural justice ).
Bella Grant Ali

(adjective).True, honest.

(adverb).Honestly authentic.

(noun).honest purpose.


).The problem is coming;It has been confirmed that there is no further debate in this matter.
It is lacking (used for editors to point out what to attach ).
carpe diem.
seize the day.
casus belli.
Consider rationalizing the war.
cave canem.
Watch the dog.
caveat emptor.
Buyers should be careful.
caveat lector.
Readers should be careful.
Notify supplier
The seller should be careful.
Constant factors.
Other things equal or untouched.

Then the date ).around ex.circa 1989.
I think, the sum of ergo.
I think so I am.
compos mentis.
Stable, sober and rational.

).And emissions.
cor unum.
one heart.
corpus delicti.
Facts of misconduct.
A list of things to be corrected (as in the book ).
cui bono?
who benefits?
cui malo?
Who has a disadvantage?
Granular pulp.

The sum of a person's career.
de facto.

There is no dispute.
There is no explanation for the taste.
de jure.
Right (especially in the obvious difference from "in fact ).
de minimis.
About trivia.
de novo.

Delicious morosa.
Not happy.
deo duce.
God is the leader.
deo gratias.
Thank God.
deo volente.
God willing.
Deus ex machina.
The man-made event that identified the problem at the last minute (literally understood as "God from the machine ").
My oath is my oath.
Eastern point of time.
A wise man's sentence is satisfactory.
Drama characters.
List of characters in the play.
Dulce est and other etiquette died for the motherland.

Sipopo Rhoda, in Spiro

When, without authorization, annique sinunt, tolerates laboratories.
In the case of strength and years, tolerance of Labor.
Strategic Economic Dialogue between China and the United States.
The law is cruel, but it is the law.
ecce homo.
Observe this person.
Realize your identity.
Of the same kind.
Retire after a famous service and retain the honorary title (for example, professor emeritus ).
(In the book) list of errors.
et alia.
Other things.

et al.
).and others.

).and so on.

et seq.

).And then.

et ux.
).and wife.
ex cathedra.
(Announced) a grand ceremony with official authority.
ex curia.
Outside the court.

.--xa0Because of the error.
ex gratia.
It's all for help.
ex libris.
ex nihilo.
out of nothing.
ex officio.
Thanks to his office.
ex parte.
Only one party is divided in the absence of the other.
ex post facto.
with hindsight.
Non-petita's defense, the declaration of charges.

Authorization for temporary absence.

).for example.
Fama Nishir selleus
Nothing is faster than rumors.
let it be done.
he flourished.
Terms of reference.
Fulfilled his duty and therefore no longer had any power over one thing.
Why not indulge in joy.

habeas corpus.
You may have a body.(The opening of the writ of privilege, requiring the person holding another person to bring the person to the court.
hic jacet.
here lies.
honoris causa.
As a sign of honor.

Quotation of books, etc.).In the same place.

).that is.
the same.
Let it print out.
in absentia.
while absent.
in camera.
At a private meeting.
in casu.
in this case.
In the case of extreme need
In the case of extreme need
in curia.
in court.
At d'ospermas
We believe in God.
in extenso.
at full length.
in extremis.
near death.
At the deli.
In the act of crime.
ILO, temporary.
at that time.
Instead of the entire army.
In the farthest place
Where parents are located
Place in place of parents
in medias res.
In the middle of things.
in memoriam.
in memory.
in re.
in silico.
Method of computer simulation
in situ.
In the first case
in specie.
in kind;(A) in its own form, not in the corresponding form of coins rather than notes (B ).
in toto.
Speak true words after drinking.
There is truth in wine.
in vitro.
Observed in a glass tube;Outside the human body and in the artificial environment.
in vivo.
Occurs in organisms.
The Holy See banned directory.
The official list of books that Catholics do not read.
On the page below or later.
infra dig.
inter alia.
Other things.
inter se.
Among them.
inter vivos.
during life.
intra muros.
Inside the wall.
intra vires.
Within the scope of power
ipso facto.
Because of this fact.
latine dictum.
Speak in Latin

).In the paragraph just quoted
locum tenens.
The people who occupy this place

).The position of the seal.
locus standi.
Right to speak in court
magna carta.
The Great Charter (promulgated by King John in 1215, allows for all kinds of freedom ).
Top students.
Great honor or academic honor.
magnum opus.
great work.
me judice.
I am a judge;
mea culpa.
Due to my fault (used as an identification of a person's mistake ).
memento mori.
Remember, you must die.
One thing to remember
mens rea.
guilty mind.
Sano's man Sanaa.
There is a sound mind in a sound body.
mirabile dictu.
Great relationship.
modus operandi.
The way to work.
modus vivendi .
A way of life;a way of life.
Permanent monument.
An immortal work of art or literature.
multi multa;Omnia novit of Nemo.
Many people know many things;No one knows everything.
Multum small land.
In a small compass.
Multus Court, nullus.
All friends are friends who have no friends.
Necessary changes in progress.
ne plus ultra.
The highest standard of excellence.


nihil obstat.
There is no obstacle.
No despair.
There is no reason for despair.
nolens volens.
Whether a person likes it or not;Willing or unwilling
nolle prosequi.
Unwilling to sue.
Compos is not mentioned.
non sequitur.
It does not follow.
A member of society.
You can know the meaning of a word from the context.


).note well.
Determination of conditions for Numero pondere and deus omnia.

"Ah, time, o habits!
oh, the times!oh, the morals!
obiter dictum.
By the way.
This kind of ignotum pro official est.
Everything unknown looks grand.
Omnia mutantur, nos and mutamur in illis.
Everything is changing and we are changing.
Love can conquer everything, et nos cedamus amori.
Love beats everything, let's give in to love too.

).In the work just cited
pari passu.
Parturiunt montes nascetur ridiculus acres.
Good commitment, but no results, only ridiculous results.
In different places.
Rich intrantibus.
Bring Peace to those who enter.
pax vobiscum.
May you be safe.
pedente lite.
Pending litigation.
per annum.
per year.
Every Alta Adura.
Reach the peak through difficulties.
Every ardua star adventure.
Through difficult stars.
per capita.
by the head.
per centum.
per hundred.
per diem.
per day.
per mensem.
per month.
Saecula saeculorum per Omi.


).as agent for.
per se.
taken alone.
People who are not welcome
a non-Acceptable people
Temporary staff after temporary work.
So after that (logical fallacy ).

).after noon.
post mortem.
after death.
prima facie.
On the first view.
Their voice.
Equality is the first.
Public Relations.
For the public good.
pro bono.
Complete for public benefit free of charge.
pro forma.
For form.
pro hac vice.
For this occasion
pro rata.
According to the rate.
pro se.
Provisions on.
pro tanto.
to that extent.



).Next month.
The quantum inside me.
I have tried my best.
as if.
Parken, prabarem.
Prepare those who desire peace for war.
quid pro quo.
For something.
How do you eat?
Who is the caretaker?
quo in casu.
in which case.
quo vadis?
Where are you going?

In our daily life, there are many statements that are part of Latin.
Although these proverbs are foreign in origin, they have become part of English except that most of us do not know what they mean.
I have compiled this list of Latin proverbs to help you understand what is said and what you have read.It is very important for an individual to know his/her surroundings.
Sometimes what we read or hear ignores the fact that we do not understand what is said.Getting as much knowledge as possible is always in your best interest.


).This is to be proved.


).This is what to do.

).which see.
Judgment was rendered.
Reasons for the decision.
The most reasonable proportion.
The truth of law is the soul of law.
Be required.
Revert to ridiculous.
Requiem on speed.
rest in peace.
Aisha Rocky tours
Things are said by themselves.
Valet quantum vendi potest.
One thing is only worth the price others pay for it.
rigor mortis.
The stiff body after death.

Semel is allowed in insanire ANO.
Can play a fool once a year.
semper fidelis.
Loyalty forever.


).The Senate and the Roman people.
sensu stricto.
In a narrow or strict sense.
And then.
Order one by one.
Sivis Pasim, palablem.
If you want peace, be prepared for the war.
So (used in the quoted paragraph to indicate that the error was intentionally reproduced ).
Sic transit kelemmundi.
In this way, the glory of the world will pass.
The darkest Halo
Silence is gold.

silva rerum.
All kinds of facts.
naturally;Not qualified.

).year not known.
sine die.
No rules for a day
sine qua non.
Indispensable conditions
status quo.
Existing conditions.
Let it stand up (used for editing to indicate that something that has been crossed is to be retained ).
sub judice.
before a court.
sub rosa.
in confidence.
sub verbo.
under the word.
sui generis.
On or above the previous page.
suum cuique.
For every one of his own.
tabula rasa.
a clean slate;There was a chance from the beginning.
tempus fugit.
time flies.
Tempus fugit of Mors venit.
Time passed, death advanced.
terra firma.
dry land.
Unknown domain.
unknown land.
terra nullius.
Uninhabited land
Danas and Dona feentes.
Even if the Greeks brought gifts, I was afraid of them.
The most honest.
The greatest sincerity.

).Last month.
ultra vires.
Beyond Power.
vade mecum.
A constant companion

The most beautiful team
Where there is will, there is a way.
Winnie, Wendy, Vicky.
I'm here. I saw it. I conquered it.
Like I said just now.

).It is enough to say a word to the wise.
vi et armis.
Force and weapons
in place of.
vice versa.
The order was canceled.

Virus acquirit eundo.
We gather strength as we walk.
virgo intacta.
Volenti had to adapt.
One who agrees cannot be considered to be an injury.
vox populi.

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