the die is cast Intimacy In Marriage: Politeness Is The Key

by:Hanway     2019-08-24
It is easy for people to be careful after weeding, not respecting their spouses, and eliminating the courtesy of deeply hurting each other.Many of the wrong things that we can't do outside people are what we do to our spouse, which is totally wrong.
Having a close relationship in your marriage, enjoying a close relationship with your spouse is the key.In order to show that we are polite to our spouse and inspire intimacy in our marriage so that we can enjoy the miracle of courtesy at home, we must do the following: 1.Speak politely to your spouse.The easiest way to be impolite is through our language.An impolite person uses harsh words, unfriendly, abusive words, unfair criticism, and finds it easy to condemn.The easiest way to be polite is through our language;When you speak politely, encourage, motivate, appreciate, praise, guarantee your support to your spouse and speak up to each other.Proverbs 15: 23Be excited when you see your spouse, which is the key to your intimate relationship at home.3.Salute him or her in public and in secret.4.Never report your spouse to your friends and family.5.Deal with him or her politely in front of your friends, children and family.6.Get angry politely.Even in the face of provocation, don't be angry with impolite.You cannot speak or act for destruction.When you are angry, express your anger in the most polite way.7.Pay attention to your spouse.Whether at home or in public, it's an impolite act when you ignore your spouse.This attitude will kill your spouse's morale.8.V.I.P your spouse.Consider your spouse a very important character.Send lofty greetings to your partner and respect him or her in your heart and in your actions.9.Be a privileged partner.Think of yourself as a very privileged person to marry a spouse.See him as president;If the first lady lives in your house, deal with her like you do.Your husband is welcome by the President;Salute your wife.You were lucky enough to marry a man or woman like her.10.Keep his or her secret.Never reveal to anyone the secrets you are fortunate enough to know about your spouse.If you do this, it is impolite.Proverbs 25:2.11.Be polite to him or her in an absent-minded situation.Some people like to say bad things about their spouse when they are away, just to respect him or her when the spouse comes.This is wrong.This is an act of disloyalty, very hypocritical.Proverbs 24:3-4 12.Be polite to him or her in your heart.Don't have negative thoughts about your spouse in your heart, but destroy it immediately if it comes.The heart is a seat of loyalty and disloyalty.Never let your heart go against your marriage;Very dangerous.13.Be polite to your spouse even on the phone.Don't answer his or her phone.If you do this, it should not be intentional and call him or her back immediately.Respect him or her on the phone.Don't hang up your spouse's phone;This is an impolite performance.Proverbs 24: 26 14.Argue politely.Please don't confirm even if you think your spouse has said something stupid.Argue positively and politely.Talk about the problem at hand in a way that makes it easy for your spouse to accept correction, thus preventing this from happening again.Proverb 17: 14 if intimacy is your dream at home, be polite, be polite and respect.
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