the cost of keeping a prisoner in a cambridge cell overnight will make your eyes water - cctv camera box

by:Hanway     2019-09-07
the cost of keeping a prisoner in a cambridge cell overnight will make your eyes water  -  cctv camera box
The cost of holding a prisoner in a cell for the night at Parkside police station has been disclosed --
Moreover, it will have more bills than a luxury hotel in Cambridge.
Not worth the crime though-
Taxpayers have
Average bill for holding suspects in a basement cell-custody suite -
You can see it in the city's police station.
The pressure forced a cough.
Cam county police revealed that the average overnight price was 289, while the price of the night in the University Hotel's "senior researcher room" was 255.
What guests of the Queen's Majesty can get from this money compared to what luxury hotel guests can enjoy: safe deposit box, air conditioning, heatstroke prevention safety door, observation window, cold and hard floor hair dryer, bathroom, bathtub or shower, flat-screen TV with bathtub or shower, free toiletries, toilet, phone, DVD player
CCTV cameras, red lights-
Room service includes electric kettle, room service, free water in the restaurant, and room service.
Free transportation also provides a cost of a night in the cell that has been broken down to a construction cost of 30 p, 3. £ 6 20 clothes
06 translation fee, 1. 36 laundry, £3. 19 meals, £52.
Provide £ 91 supplies and services to police surgeons and medical staff.
29 and personnel costs are 14.
A total of 28 pounds were given. 74.
But the Cambridge Police Department
It was built more than 40 years ago.
It's only five years since it was leveled.
The army chief met to decide the fate of the building overlooking Parker's work and sentenced the property to five years' imprisonment --maximum.
It is reported that their goal is to leave the site by 2020 as the community does not meet the standards of the Home Office.
Cam county police spokesman: "Anyone arrested has the right to be in police custody.
"These measures include access to free legal advice, access to medical assistance if they feel uncomfortable, and regular breaks to eat and go to the toilet.
"Arrest is an important part of our work to reduce crime and protect the safety of people in cam County.
"A project is looking for a suitable location in the Cambridge area to build a new survey center to replace the station --
It can be shared with ambulance services in eastern England.
The new facility will be designed for 24 cells and can accommodate delays if needed later.
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