surveillance cameras to be installed after west-end shootings - outdoor security camera housing dome

by:Hanway     2019-09-12
surveillance cameras to be installed after west-end shootings  -  outdoor security camera housing dome
Community Housing in Ottawa has agreed on a pilot project that will install surveillance cameras in parts of the Bay Area.
Police in Ottawa have accused men of finding a pistol in the vehicle, and there has been an increasing number of shootings in Ottawa related to drug-trading Test police. On Tuesday night, police investigated three shootings in Penny Drive in the West End and other West-end shootings. Closed-
The circuit monitoring center will be set up today on December.
On the 17 th, the police, together with community housing safety staff, were "considered a hot spot for illegal activities" in public outdoor areas ".
A media release from community housing in Ottawa on Wednesday said: "The camera will monitor 24/7 websites and the video will be provided to the police if needed . ".
Police linked the shooting to a drug crime deal in Ottawa and said they would continue to step up patrols in the area. Coun.
Mark Taylor said the cameras will help police monitor hot spots in illegal activities, and he said partners are also developing a long-term
A semester plan to encourage people to share information.
Residents asked for pictures, Taylor said, and the member said, "community reporting is a factor that we have to figure out how to solve . ".
"If we have residents who say that I am worried about my safety if I report things, it is a problem that is very difficult to try and solve.
Taylor told Harry koternan in the morning on Radio Canada Ottawa that his security camera inside the house would have problems, but he said that outside of the public area he thought it was a good idea, residents supported the plan, he said.
"Calls for cameras and more surveillance come from residents who are people who live there," he said . ".
"They don't seem to have any reservations.
"Community groups and police are planning to meet again in January to give residents feedback on the project. ON MOBILE?
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The picture below shows the recent shooting in West Ottawa.
The location is similar.
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