sundaram-clayton inaugurates its first overseas plant worth rs 630 crore - what is die casting

by:Hanway     2019-08-28
sundaram-clayton inaugurates its first overseas plant worth rs 630 crore  -  what is die casting
Part of the television group, one of India's largest automotive and auto parts manufacturing and distribution groups, Sundaram-
Clayton LimitedSCL)
, Is a leading supplier of automotive and non-aluminum die castings
Automotive industry.
The company recently announced the opening of its first overseas plant in South Carolina through its subsidiaries to significantly improve its ability to serve North American customers, which is its largest export market.
This expansion will make Bangladesh a global player from India.
The operation will commence on September 2019.
The US market currently accounts for 60% of the company's exports and 40% of its revenue. An on-
In the increasingly demanding auto parts market, the presence of shore will enable the SC to significantly shorten the lead time for delivery and give it a competitive advantage.
The investment in the US factory is $90 million.
It will produce 1,000 tons of castings in the first and five years of production, and the output will be expanded to 10,000 tons.
Will make a series of highpressure die-
Casting and gravity mold
Casting parts in this facility.
The US Department of Commerce and its trade promotion unit, the US business services unit in Chennai, played a key role in promoting this project. Dr.
Joint managing director Lakshmi Venu-Sundaram-
In clarifying the symptom self-assessment strategy, Clayton Co. , Ltd. said,"
The prospects for the automotive industry in the United States and India are very good.
In both markets, OEM automakers are focused on lighting
Weighing and better fuel economy.
Our technology is designed to support this industry trend.
Our expansion strategy in both markets enables us to provide faster supply chain support to our customers in an increasingly active world.
South Carolina is one of the fastest-growing centers of automotive and manufacturing in the United States.
In Dorchester County, ridgville Industrial Park, South Carolina, the company's overseas facilities were built on 50 acres of land.
South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster said at the unveiling of the plant, "Our state is in a leading position in economic development, and St. darham Clayton has announced more work, this is another proof.
This is a huge victory for Dorchester County and the whole state, and we are delighted to see what will happen to this great company in the future, and we wish them continued success over the years.
"In addition to its factories in the United States, SC recently invested in a new factory in Tamil Nadu, India.
The company has a positive attitude towards long-term development.
Its core Indian market has long-term advantages, as well as the recent opening of an additional factory in Oragadam, near Chennai, to serve Indian auto customers.
About St. darham Clayton Limited: St. darham-clayton. comSundaram-Clayton Ltd. (SCL)
It is part of the United Television Group, which was founded in India in 1911 and owns companies worldwide.
Television Group's revenue is $8.
5 billion fiscal year 2018. Sundaram-
Revenue from Clayton and its subsidiaries is 21,575 euros.
64 Cr for fiscal 2019.
Including the third in India. largest two-
Wheeler manufacturers television Motor Co. , Ltd.
Casting and plastic Department.
The SC that built the factory in Ridgeville is an aluminum mold
Casters for cars
Vehicle parts, from two-
Large multi-wheel car
Provide a large number of trucks to major global players in the automotive industry.
Income from Sundaram Clayton Limited is £ 1,932.
94 Cr, with five manufacturing plants, four of them in India and one in South Carolina, USA.
The company's annual production capacity is 74,000 metric tons. Its die-
Casting process including high pressure mold
Gravity mold casting
Low pressure casting mold-
Casting, Post casting (shot-
Blasting, heat treatment)
Processing and divisionassembly.
Statement: This article was produced by Sundaram Clayton, the Spotlight team of The Times Internet.
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