stop graffiti vandalism with good planning & cctv installation - can a security camera system help? - security camera protection box

by:Hanway     2019-09-06
stop graffiti vandalism with good planning & cctv installation - can a security camera system help?  -  security camera protection box
It's $250,000,000 to vandalize graffiti.
The problem in Australia is 00 a year, and it is still rising.
It affects almost every sector of every Australian community.
Installing security cameras is one of the most effective ways to curb problems and reduce the cost of stopping graffiti.
This paper will focus on three main aspects of the impact of the problem: 1)
Safety of public buildings and schools, 2)
Business Security, 3)
Home security and will check the effect of using a security camera to prevent crime.
Graffiti vandalism is on the rise in Australia.
In fact, the number of graffiti incidents doubled from 2001 to 2008 (
Recent years with statistics).
The Australian government and the citizens concerned are pushing to raise awareness of the issue, as evidenced by the recent campaign to "Keep Australia Beautiful.
They are working to reduce incidents and understand why people are involved in such crimes.
In order to eliminate this scourge in the public domain, valuable government funds are being transferred from other regions.
Business and real estate owners have also been hit
Everyone agrees that it is more effective and less costly to prevent graffiti vandalism than to clean it up afterwards.
The problem is, of course, the police can't be everywhere at once, and most citizens and small business owners can't afford to hire security personnel to stop the problem. So, what to do?
It's good to catch the criminals and prevent them from committing crimes again.
But the best solution is to stop this behavior altogether.
Using security cameras is one of the cheapest ways to prevent and stop this crime. Closed-
Circuit TV (CCTV)
Is a security camera system that is transmitted to a dedicated receiver, called DVRs (
Digital video recorder.
Any number of security cameras can be used to observe graffiti vandalism hotspots.
The data can be viewed in real time from the camera or recorded in the DVR for later viewing.
Usually, the security camera in the normal field of view is enough to prevent potential
Acts of destruction from the beginning.
If not, the data recorded in the course of the crime is often used to identify and accuse an offender who is not discouraged by a security camera.
Unfortunately, statistics show that once a region is targeted by spoilers, it is more likely to be targeted again and again.
CCTV systems can help identify potential problem points and prevent them from being hit repeatedly.
Anyone who owns or manages property can benefit from the installation of security cameras, not just the reduction of graffiti vandalism.
Benefits include: 1)
Government agencies and public buildings (
Schools, hospitals, railway stations)
Schools are the buildings most frequently attacked by graffiti vandals. Other commonly-
The target public buildings include statues, monuments, overpasses and underground passages, and utility boxes.
Installation of CCTV systems in and around these areas may reduce graffiti.
Security cameras may document other types of crimes being committed and provide the police with valuable clues to address them.
Cameras inside and around the school can also reduce the occurrence of fights and bullying, often making it safer for students and staff. 2)
Companies or businesses that want to improve business security are the second most common target structure.
Business owners in areas where graffiti vandalism is rampant can also install CCTV security camera systems to stop graffiti and address other types of business crimes.
It also helps to reduce internal theft and protect the safety of employees and customers. 3)
Compared to other structures, private property or homeowners who care about the safety of their homes are rarely targeted.
However, other things on the private property, such as the fence, may be destroyed.
This is because they are often far away from occupied homes and are therefore more hidden and vulnerable.
By contrast, it is understandable that uninhabited houses attract graffiti vandalism.
These structures tend to be long-term goals and, without some sort of deterrence, they can become problematic to manage.
Whether or not property is occupied, a security camera system is a deterrent.
It not only prevents vandalism, but it also prevents theft, destruction and entry, illegal occupation and illegal intrusion.
In addition, it protects occupants (if any)
Such as burglary and burglary.
In short, criminals do not like to be watched.
Statistics confirm the theory of security cameras (
Or a set of security cameras)
Reducing the possibility that buildings, structures or areas are targeted by graffiti may be the only way to prevent vulnerable structures from becoming long-term targets.
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