stainless steel lcd enclosures - the perfect choice for factory information systems - access point enclosure

by:Hanway     2019-09-04
stainless steel lcd enclosures - the perfect choice for factory information systems  -  access point enclosure
One thing is for sure, when any food or dairy manufacturer decides to invest in its workshop, you are sure the project will be successful, why?
It is the responsibility of the factory production manager and the MIS Department to do it well.
The main problem for any food processor is that any electronic device, including the computer and its peripherals, must be protected from being cleaned.
This happens at the end of each shift, a process in which employees wash the production area with mild bleach and water, so any unprotected electronic product needs to be protected. Wash Down -The process.
This process is critical to the integrity of the manufacturing company's products, and the process of this Flushing area is to prevent and build up bacteria that may pollute their product line, resulting in product recalls, the company lost thousands of dollars.
Imagine if the manufacturer had to recall the cost and embarrassment of the product because it was contaminated by microorganisms?
So that's why they use a high-pressure sprinkler that mixes chemicals to eliminate any potential hazards.
Solution for washing off.
The ideal solution for any area subject to constant water and bleach is stainless steel, but there is a stainless steel that is perfect for the food industry, which is 316 stainless steel because of its high chromium and nickel content, perfect for use with chemicals and water.
If the presence of bleach is faster than that of carbon steel, some stainless steel grades are actually corroded, so the correct grade is essential.
So why, in the production area where they also need to be protected, with the increase of the plant information points, all the explanations about the cleaning, because you will not bring the high-pressure sprinkler to your home TV, yeah?
There are LCD housing made by manufacturers of 316 stainless steel, just for this application, the cost is a little higher compared to carbon steel, however, the stainless steel housing lasts longer than similar soft steel and powder coated products.
The protection of the TV box must not only be waterproof, but all locks and hinges must also be waterproof, which provides a safe environment for the display to prevent water from entering the water.
All cable access points must be ip65s that meet European standards or as good as the US water entry standards.
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