stainless steel die casting How to Melt Metals at Home

by:Hanway     2019-08-18
Learning how to melt metal at home allows you to complete art and crafts projects that were previously confined to more statesof-the-Art and professional facilities.When using ordinary household items to melt metal, you can save the time, money and energy to produce molded metal crafts and other products.By investing in some basic tools and equipment, you can make a homemade rig in a comfortable home that can melt most of the soft metal.
Modify the standard microwave by removing any internal platform or turntable and attaching tape to the holes that allow air to enter the microwave cooking room.
Place your diamond grinder at the bottom of the microwave oven.This will act as the heat transfer of the process by converting the microwave into heat that eventually melts the metal.
Place the stainless steel measuring cup filled with tin chips on the stone.
Place the casserole on the measuring cup on the stone.Casserole will capture the heat from the stone to produce a convection oven effect, bringing the heat closer to the metal scraps in the measuring cup.
Microwave the material at a maximum setting for 15 minutes or until the tin chip melts.
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