stainless steel die casting different types of materials used to make cable trays

by:Hanway     2019-08-11
In the industrial field, there are various types of cable trays for managing cable wire systems.In various types of wire management systems, pallets are best characterized by their durability, reliability, tough texture and sturdy design.They are made of different types of materials that are used for various purposes and have different functions, but most often they all come with cable wires and provide efficient wiring management.The device has flexible wiring, easy to install, simple and low installation and maintenance costs.
The system is open and provides ventilation that helps avoid excessive heat generation while giving the wires time to cool down.The best part about this system is that they can be installed under overhead and under the floor.They are also easy to install indoors and outdoors.
Different types of materials for making cable trays :-
Galvanized cable tray-
Zinc plating is the process of coating steel materials with zinc to provide a protective layer for good corrosion resistance.Products are galvanized with zinc coating on steel pallets.Zinc provides longLong-lasting protection for corrosion and dust at a lower price.They are usually pre-usedGalvanized sheet made of tray.
Galvanized cable tray-
The difference between galvanized and hot dip galvanized is not big, but the meaning is deeper.By immersing zinc in molten zinc, a layer of zinc is coated on steel or iron.The tray is first made of steel and then immersed in molten zinc at a certain temperature.
Stainless steel cable tray-
It is a steel alloy containing at least 10 steel.5%, the rest is chromium.The purpose of using this material is to prevent corrosion.It is a product of oxidation, acid, heat, electricity and magnetic.Its plasticity is getting worse and worse.
Tray of soft steel cable-
It is also called carbon steel used to make products.It's hard to see from the outside, but it's hard and tough to see from the inside.The percentage of steel in carbon steel is from 0.12-2.0%.It is an alloy composed of titanium, chromium, zirconium, cobalt, nb, tungsten, vanadium, molybdenum, nickel or any other element to achieve the desired effect.It's also cost.effective.
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