some well-known security cameras - security camera housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-08
some well-known security cameras  -  security camera housing
The cameras for safety purposes have multiple styles and types with different features and specifications that can excite those who are not electronic engineers.
When you see a variety of security cameras, it is critical to know what your requirements are.
In this article, we will discuss all major CCTV security system types, their features, application areas, and basic specifications that can help you decide which CCTV devices meet your requirements.
The bullet camera is smaller in size and weatherproof.
They have different shapes and sizes from the mouth red tube to the soda tank.
They are also known for the names of lipstick cameras, tube cameras or missile cameras.
Some bullet cctv devices operate using a 12 v dc power supply.
If you're looking for infrastructure
The Bullet cctv equipment Series is suitable for red security systems or night vision recording systems.
They are ideal for home monitoring.
If you search for a small video recording device using sun shield, you can choose this option.
The dome camera has a base with screwson dome.
Domes are colored, so it is very difficult to estimate their focus areas, so they are widely used in retail stores.
These domes are made of plastic, so they are waterproof.
Most domes work with a 12 v dc power supply.
They are usually used in areas such as front doors, cash registers, elevators and corridors.
The armored dome or the vandal dome armored dome is slightly larger than the standard dome.
Due to its rugged and waterproof construction, they are ideal for external installation.
The most advanced armor usually has 3-
Therefore, they are suitable for installation on walls and ceilings.
The armor comes with fixed or adjustable lenses with or without a night vision holder.
Armor is good for home monitoring.
If you are looking for a closed circuit TV camera for home safety, please select only the armor dome.
The box camera does not have a lens or holder, so you have to purchase these things separately to use the system effectively.
They are more complex than other security devices in the range and more video quality control.
If you install a box safety device outside, it needs an outdoor enclosure.
They are good for parking lots, face recognition on Bank campuses, and license plate recognition. On-
Some of the advanced features of the box video recorder include screen display, Iris adjustment that blocks sun glare, headlights blocking technology, and clarity control.
Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ)
Cameras these safety devices are usually large-sized dome cameras with computer interiors that allow vedeo recorders to be operated by PTR controllers.
These safety devices take advantage of small hole lenses with built-in cameras
In the microphone, it is usually stored in some devices that do not appear as a camera.
Some common cases of hidden video recorders are wall clocks, motion detectors, smoke detectors, and nozzles.
Infrared or night vision cameras these cameras provide color images during the day, Black
White images for the evening.
These security systems also work in the dark.
Night vision video recorders are available in dome, armored dome and wind and rain bullet styles.
When you look at the security cameras for sale, you must have a clear idea of the area in which you want to install the system.
This will help you to choose the best security system for this place.
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