smartec releases color cctv camera with easy "day-night" and 540 tvl - external cctv camera housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-05
smartec releases color cctv camera with easy \
Due to the Sony SuperHAD CCD and DSP HQ1 digital processor, STC-
3002 high
High quality color image with 540 TVL resolution.
The simple "day/night" feature allows the camera to operate in different light conditions up to 0.
08 lux with minimum lighting.
In addition, the color CCTV camera features an automatic electronic shutter and an automatic white balance. STC-
3002 there are two modifications to different voltage types and values: STC-
3002/0 color CCTV cameras run with 220 VAC when STC-3002/3 -
12 v dc or 24 v ac.
STC is recommended for outdoor CCTV systems-
3002/0 if the camera provides a hot housing, run with a 220 V power supply.
Camera configuration by DIP-
Switch located on the rear panel of the camera.
The installer can be configured with automatic gain control, flicker-free/backlight compensation, electronic shutter operation, and external sync.
In addition, a new color CCTV camera is equipped with a C/CS stand and compatible with a lens with an automatic Iris controlled by a DC or video signal.
If the camera uses a fluorescent lamp to operate the object, the frequency at which the light source flashes can be consistent with the speed of the electronic shutter.
In this case, the color image from the camera starts to flash.
Unlike many similar STC-
3002 color CCTV cameras can prevent this effect with DIP
Allows the installer to select a switch without flashing compensation mode.
When using multiple STC-it is necessary to synchronize all cameras on the single core camera
3002 color CCTV camera using the synchronous method based on power frequency (Line Lock)
This allows the installer to automatically synchronize the color cameras connected to one stage.
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